Currents, Eddies & Gyres

WHOI News Releases

August 18, 2015

Examining the Fate of Fukushima Contaminants

A Fraction of Buried, Ocean Sediment Uncovered by Typhoons, Carried Offshore by Currents

Satellite image of North Atlantic
July 5, 2012

Scientists Discover New Trigger for Immense North Atlantic Ocean Spring Plankton Bloom

Ocean eddies help jump-start plankton blooms that spread across hundreds of square miles

April 28, 2011

Eddies Found to be Deep, Powerful Modes of Ocean Transport

Study Finds Connection between Atmospheric Events and the Deep Ocean

May 17, 2007

Oceanic Storms Create Oases in the Watery Desert

New Research Demonstrates that Mid-Ocean Eddies Pump Up Nutrients to Fuel Plankton Blooms

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