Changing Shorelines & Erosion


From Oceanus Magazine

Marshes, Mosquitoes, and Sea Level Rise

How did mosquito-control methods affect coastal marshes?

More Floods & Higher Sea Levels

Geological records help forecast escalating coastal hazards

From Lab to Sea

New course gives students hands-on training in the field

To Catch a Hurricane

Makeshift devices collect sand transported by storm

Shifting Sands and Bacteria on the Beach

Does ever-moving sand transport microbes along with it?

No Day at the Beach

Student fellows explore the swash zone

People Around WHOI

The Coastal Ocean Institute

At the coast—where air, sea, land, and people meet

Rising Sea Levels and Moving Shorelines

New tools and techniques show promise for better predictions and decisions about coastline change

Shaping the Beach, One Wave at a Time

New research is deciphering how currents, waves, and sands change our shorelines

Where the Surf Meets the Turf

Scientists explore coastal processes that affect beaches