Carbon Cycle


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The Living Breathing Ocean

Can ‘ocean elevators’ carry excess carbon to the deep?

Marshes, Mosquitoes, and Sea Level Rise

How did mosquito-control methods affect coastal marshes?

The Discovery of Hydrothermal Vents

Scientists celebrate 40th anniversary and chart future research

Mission to the Twilight Zone

The urgent quest to explore one of Earth's hidden frontiers

New Device Reveals What Ocean Microbes Do

Instrument may also help monitor sewage treatment plants

A Mighty Mysterious Molecule

Chemical compounds are the currency in ocean ecosystems

Specks in the Spectrometer

An atomic odyssey from the Great Calcite Belt to a data point

Earth's Riverine Bloodstream

Flowing down rivers are clues to how our whole planet works

Tracking a Trail of Carbon

Leaf waxes buried in Lake Titicaca holds clues to once and future climates

Short-circuiting the Biological Pump

Tiny chemical compounds help choreograph a planet-size dance

Uncovering the Ocean's Biological Pump

Scientists reveal the hidden movements of particles and chemicals in the sea

Of The River and Time

Flowing waters run deep with clues to Earth's mountains and climate

River Quest

Scientists sample the world's rivers to assess the planet's health

Elemental Journeys

Humans have changed how chemicals move on our planet

Deep-sea Detectives

Follow the trail to unravel a seafloor mystery

Follow the Carbon

WHOI scientists provide baseline measurements of carbon in the Arctic Ocean

Bacterial 'Conversations' Have Impact on Climate

'Quorum sensing' helps control how carbon moves in the sea

Turning Carbon Dioxide Gas into Rock

Audio Slideshow: An MIT/WHOI student examines a fascinating natural process in Oman

For Graduate Student, Research Is a Gas

Well, two gases actually, and both have key impacts on climate

Protecting Public Health by Preventing Pollution

A graduate student seeks ways to curtail contaminants in the environment

Proposals Emerge to Transfer Excess Carbon into the Ocean

Increasing urgency about climate change has spurred schemes that may seem radical

Dumping Iron and Trading Carbon

Profits, pollution, and politics all will play roles in ocean iron fertilization

Fertilizing the Ocean with Iron

Should we add iron to the sea to help reduce greenhouse gases in the air?

Microbes That 'Eat' Natural Gas

Scientists identify bacteria that convert chemicals in surprising ways

Follow the Carbon Trail

The movement and transformation of carbon in the ocean have large climate implications

How Long Can the Ocean Slow Global Warming?

How much excess carbon dioxide can the ocean hold and how will it affect marine life?

Transparent Animal May Play Overlooked Role in the Ocean

Swarming by the billions, gelatinous salps transport tons of carbon to the depths

Earth Can't Soak Up Excess Fossil Fuel Emissions Indefinitely

By the end of the century, the land and ocean may reach their capacity to absorb greenhouse gas from the atmosphere

Monsoon Winds and Carbon Cycles in the Arabian Sea

One of the most significant natural phenomena that influences the everday life of more than 60 percent of the world's population