From Oceanus Magazine

Journey to the Bottom of the Sea

Searching for ingredients that may have sparked life on Earth

Life at the Edge

Plankton growth at the shelf break front

The Discovery of Hydrothermal Vents

Scientists celebrate 40th anniversary and chart future research

Mission to the Twilight Zone

The urgent quest to explore one of Earth's hidden frontiers

What Happened to Deepwater Horizon Oil?

Did dispersants help microbes break down oil?

New Device Reveals What Ocean Microbes Do

Instrument may also help monitor sewage treatment plants

Minerals Made by Microbes

Some geology naturally requires biology

A Mighty Mysterious Molecule

Chemical compounds are the currency in ocean ecosystems

Earth's Riverine Bloodstream

Flowing down rivers are clues to how our whole planet works

Short-circuiting the Biological Pump

Tiny chemical compounds help choreograph a planet-size dance

Proteomics Reveals Ocean's Inner Workings

Scientists adapt biomedical tool to study marine ecosystems

Uncovering the Ocean's Biological Pump

Scientists reveal the hidden movements of particles and chemicals in the sea

Drug Discovery in the Ocean

Marine microbes are potential sources of disease treatments

Of The River and Time

Flowing waters run deep with clues to Earth's mountains and climate

Corals' Indispensable Bacterial Buddies

Like humans, corals may be superorganisms

Lyme Disease Bacteria Have Quirky Needs

Unlike most organisms, it uses manganese instead of iron

Bacteria Exhibit Altruistic Behavior

Some microbes make antibiotics to benefit their kin

The Ocean's Tiny Chemists

A new tool helps sort out a hubbub of microbial activity in the sea

Recycling Rare, Essential Nutrients in the Sea

Key marine bacterium appears to thrive by reusing scarce iron

How Does Toxic Mercury Get into Fish?

A WHOI scientist examines mysterious chemistry in the sea

Cara Manning

Tracking the greenhouse gas N2O

Another Greenhouse Gas to Watch: Nitrous Oxide

Where are steadily rising levels of the gas coming from?

The Spiral Secret to Mammal Hearing

... and other recent research findings by WHOI scientists

For Graduate Student, Research Is a Gas

Well, two gases actually, and both have key impacts on climate

DMS: The Climate Gas You've Never Heard Of

Made by tiny plants in the ocean, dimethylsulfide helps make clouds in the sky

Lost City Pumps Life-essential Chemicals at Rates Unseen at Typical Black Smokers

Chemistry at Atlantic hydrothermal vent site may be analog for origins of life

Living Large in Microscopic Nooks

Newly discovered deep-sea microbes rearrange thinking on the evolution of the Earth? and life on it

Extreme Trapping

The Oceanic Flux Program

Twenty Years of Particle Flux Measurements in the Deep Sargasso Sea