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Scientists to discuss decline in right whale population

:: The Boston Globe

Sound and Color

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Episode #1: Whales of New York

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WHOI physicist lauded for acoustic research

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New York Today: Whales in Our Waters

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The Whales of New York

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Science says the songs of whales have good vibrations

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Scientists Listen to Whales to Learn How to Protect Them

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Marine scientists listen to the sounds coral reefs

:: UPI (United Press International)

A Robot Buoy That Saves Whales From Boat Strikes

:: The Atlantic


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New York's whale of a project

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Learning by Listening to the Whales of New York

:: National Geographic - Ocean Views

Listening in on whales off New York's Fire Island

:: The Washington Post

Can you hear them now? New buoy listens for singing whales

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Science is trying unveil secrets of Deep Sea Sounds

:: Albany Daily Star

Sonar Spots Invisible Arctic Oil Spills

:: Scientific American

Challenges of an Ocean Search

:: CNN

Unmanned submarine could be a powerful tool in Flight 370 search

:: CNN Anderson Cooper 360

Deep Sound ~ Can you hear it?


Robots find rare whales in weather humans can't

:: Delaware Online

Robots find rare whales in weather humans can't

:: Delaware Online

Robots can find whales when people cannot

:: Portland Press Herald

Robots that identify endangered whales tested

:: The Boston Globe

High-Tech Robot Seeks Out Right Whales

:: Oceana blog

Woods Hole researchers successfully test whale-detecting robots

:: Environmental Monitor

Robots Watch Whales and Warn Mariners

:: Discovery News

Robots: The new whale sleuths

:: TMCnet

Robots: The new whale sleuths

:: Cape Cod Times

Robot helps protect rare whales in Gulf of Maine

:: Portland Press Herald

Underwater Robots Hear 9 Endangered Whales

:: Yahoo News

Sharp-eared Robots Find Whales And Help Them Escape Danger

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Listening in on 100 Million Fish

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Human-generated sound and marine mammals

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How Whales And Other Marine Mammals React To Sonar

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