2016 Summer Student Fellow Research Projects


Cynthia Becker, Ithaca College
Effect of PCB153 on Genes Involved in Glucose Metabolism and Homeostasis in Fundulus heteroclitis (Atlantic killifish)
Advisors: Mark Hahn and John Stegeman, BIO

Rebecka Bence, Washington State University
Oysters as a Sustainable Solution: Geochemistry and microbial community analysis at aquaculture sites in Little Pond, MA
Advisor: Ginny Edgcomb, G&G

Julia Chavarry, Johns Hopkins University
Modeling Commercial Fisheries with Different Diseases
Advisor: Michael Neubert, BIO

Arina Favilla, University of Miami
Differences in Diverse Coral and Habitat Assemblages among Northeast Deep-Sea Canyons
Advisor: Tim Shank, BIO

Stacey Felgate, Scottish Association of Marine Science, University of the Highlands and Islands
Assessing the Resilience of a Blue Carbon Store: Characterizing the Lateral Flux of DIC from an East Coast U.S. Saltmarsh using Δ14C and δ13C
Advisors: Meagan Gonneea, USGS and Aleck Wang, MC&G

Calvin Fok, Humboldt State University
Salt Marsh Restoration: Changes in Plant Biomass and Gas Flux
Advisor: Jim Tang, MBL

Victoria Garefino, University of South Carolina
Effect of Hypoxia on DNA Methylation during Embryonic Development in Fish Embryos
Advisor: Neel Aluru, BIO

Benjamin Geyman, Bowdoin College
Isotopic distribution of barium in the North Pacific: Modern profile and prospects for Ba-based paleoceanographic studies
Advisor: Tristan Horner, MC&G

Kimberly Gottschalk, Portland State University
Investigating the Sources of Decadal-Scale Property Changes in Antarctic Bottom Water in the Southeast Indian Ocean (80-90°E)
Advisor: Alison Macdonald, PO

Lily Hahn, Yale University
Increasing Greenland Melt and Blocking in Recent Decades Modulated by Large-Scale and Regional Circulation Changes
Advisors: Fiamma Straneo and Caroline Ummenhofer, PO

Erin Houlihan, Bowdoin College
The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Larval Oyster Swimming Responses to a Settlement Cue
Advisor: Lauren Mullineaux, BIO

Walter Hutcheson, New York University
Estimating the Economic Value of Environmental Education in the Hudson River Estuary
Advisor: Porter Hoagland, MPC

Stefani Johnson, St. John’s University
Assessing the Annual Biogeochemical Dynamics of the Lower Mississippi River and its Tributaries
Advisor: Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, MC&G

Ulrich Kakou, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Are Saltmarshes Susceptible to Carbon Loss following Nitrogen Loading?
Advisor: Jonathan Sanderman, Woods Hole Research Center

Colette Kelly, Barnard College
Drivers of Seasonal and Interannual Variations in Waquoit Bay Carbonate Chemistry
Advisors: Dan McCorkle, G&G and Scott Doney, MC&G

Miranda Kotidis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rechargeable battery packs for a Slocum Glider
Advisor: Rich Camilli, AOPE

Nicolas Lavoie, North Carolina State University
Western tropical Atlantic hydrology during Marine Isotope Stage 5
Advisor: Delia Oppo, G&G

Tianjia Liu, Columbia University
Global salinity predictors of western United States rainfall
Advisor: Ray Schmitt, PO

Kendra Lynn, Portland State University
Drivers of Submesoscale Dynamics in the Coastal Ocean: A Study Using High-Frequency Radar Observations
Advisors: Amala Mahadevan and Anthony Kirincich, PO

Lisa MacKenzie, Bowdoin College
Feasibility of a Prototype Portable Hatchery
Advisor: Hauke Kite-Powell, MPC

Stephen Maldonado, Ohio State University
Dynamics of the Tokar Gap Jet
Advisor: Larry Pratt, PO

Sarah McGrath, College of Wooster
Western Tropical Atlantic hydrology changes during abrupt climate events in the last glacial interval
Advisor: Delia Oppo, G&G

Gabriela Negrete, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Impacts of Water Quality and Ocean Acidification along Buzzards Bay
Advisors: Scott Doney and David Glover, MC&G

Julia Paine, University of Miami
Sediment Sources and Transport in the Fraser River, BC
Advisor: Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, MC&G

Jacob Partida, Humboldt State University
Subsurface Exchange of Water Masses at the Mid-Atlantic Bight Shelf Break
Advisor: Gordon Zhang, AOPE

Channing Prend, Columbia University
Impact of freshwater plumes on intraseasonal upper ocean variability from moored observations in the Bay of Bengal
Advisor: Hyodae Seo, PO

Ellin Rittler, University of San Francisco
Investigating the Potential of Macroalgae to Remediate the Effects of Ocean Acidification on New England Oyster Farms
Advisor: Hauke Kite-Powell, MPC

Mark Saddler, University of Chicago
Characterizing Chilean blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) acoustic behavior using DTAGs: a test of using tag accelerometers to identify calls from the tagged whale
Advisor: Laela Sayigh, BIO

Justin Snook, Bridgewater State University
The Kinetics of NO3- Reduction by Aqueous H2S During Subsurface Mixing in Submarine Hydrothermal Systems
Advisor: Jeffrey Seewald, MC&G

Alyssa Soucy, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Reconstructing Tropical Atlantic SSTs during the Last Interglacial
Advisor: Anne Cohen, G&G

Rebecca Sugrue, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Autonomous Greenhouse Gas Analyzing with a Jetyak
Advisors: Anna Michel, AOPE and David Nicholson, MC&G

Chloe Wang, Haverford College
Microbial Colonization of Metal Sulfides at a Hydrothermal Vent
Advisors: Colleen Hansel, MC&G and Stefan Sievert, BIO