2015 Summer Student Fellow Research Projects


Lloyd Anderson, Bowdoin College
Alkalinity export from salt marshes: evaluating the contribution of non-carbonate species to coastal buffering capacity
Advisor: Meagan Gonneea, USGS, and Aleck Wang, MC&G
Marienel Basiga, San Jose State University
Porous Flow and Focused Flow Experiments using Chloride Schist and Peridotite: An Experimental Analysis of Mélange Diapirs
Advisor: Veronique Le Roux, G&G
Benjamin Beaumont, North Carolina State University
Acoustic Quantification of Methane Bubble Rise Speeds
Advisor: Andone Lavery, AOP&E
Alicia Camacho, Valparaiso University
North Atlantic Oscillation, Jet and Blocking in CESM1 Large Ensemble Simulations
Advisors: Young-Oh Kwon and Hyodae Seo, PO
Margaret Capooci, University of Scranton
Biogeochemical Responses to Restoration of Tidal Connectivity in Cape Cod Marshes
Advisor: Amanda Spivak, MC&G
Miranda Cashman, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Bahamian Storm Sediment: Analyzing Hurricane Deposits in Marine Blue Holes of South Andros, Bahamas
Advisor: Jeffrey Donnelly, G&G
Amanda Chan, Swarthmore College
Examining the circadian physiology behind chaperone cycling in Nematostella vectensis
Advisor: Ann Tarrant, BIO
Laura Crews, Stanford University
Nearshore Antarctic Phytoplankton Bloom Phenology
Advisor: Scott Doney, MC&G
Daniel Diaz-Etchevehere, University of Rochester
The Impact of Fe(II) on NO2- and N2O Isotopic Composition During Denitrification by Natural Sediments
Advisor: Scott Wankel, MC&G
Ann Dunham, Dartmouth College
Habitat Damage and Marine Reserves in a Stage-Structured Bioeconomic Model
Advisor: Michael Neubert, BIO
Hazel Fargher, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Sea Surface Temperature Records Using Sr/Ca Ratios in a Siderastrea siderea Coral from Southern Cuba
Advisor: Konrad Hughen, MC&G

David Fertitta, Louisiana State University
Drifter-based Predictions of the Spread of Surface Contamination Using Iterative Statistics: A Local Example with Global Applications
Advisor: Alison Macdonald and Irina Rypina, PO
Jerry Fontus, Georgia Institute of Technology
The Design and Testing of a Thermal Regulator for an AUV Gravimeter
Advisor: James Kinsey, AOP&E
Chloe Fross, Georgetown University
A Partial Ecosystem Services Evaluation of the Boston Harbor: The Value of Cleanup
Advisor: Hauke Kite-Powell, MPC
Aditya Gupta, VIT University, Chennai
Design and Development of a Pixhawk based Robotic Vehicle for the Surf Zone and Morphological Image Processing of Sea Ice Imagery
Advisors: Hanumant Singh and Peter Traykovski, AOP&E
Sara Hamilton, Bowdoin College
Spatial and Temporal Variation in the Diets of Northwest Atlantic Forage Fish
Advisor: Joel Llopiz, BIO
Dana Johnson, Northwestern University
Exploring the potential for mineral-based protection of organic carbon in deep-sea sediments
Advisor: Colleen Hansel, MC&G
Siraput Jongaramrungruang, University of Cambridge
Intraseasonal SST-precipitation coupling during the Indian Summer Monsoon and its modulation by the Indian Ocean Dipole
Advisors: Hyodae Seo and Caroline Ummenhofer, PO
Sasha Kramer, Bowdoin College
A method for determining phytoplankton community structure from ocean color at the Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory
Advisor: Heidi Sosik, BIO
Julia Lanoue, Brown University
Modeling Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Productivity in Response to Channel Deepening in the Hudson River Estuary
Advisor: Porter Hoagland, MPC
Ratnaksha Lele, VIT University
An Investigation into Arctic Sea-Ice Dynamics and Energetics
Advisor: John Toole, PO
Claudia Mazur, Mount Holyoke College
An analysis of denitrification and annamox processes in sediments underneath oysters
Advisor: Virginia Edgcomb, G&G

Craig McLean, University of Arkansas
Isolation and Characterization of Iron Binding Ligands from Marine Bacteria
Advisor: Daniel Repeta, MC&G
Leah Middleton, Mount Holyoke College
Measuring the sensitivities of the Fundulus heteroclitus aryl hydrocarbon receptor variants to transactivation by dioxins
Advisor: Mark Hahn, BIO
Samuel Nadell, Cornell University
Age Tracers and Residence Time in the Hudson River Estuary
Advisor: Rockwell Geyer, AOP&E
Chadlin Ostrander, Arizona State University
Thallium isotopes tracking Mn-oxide burial: A proxy for deoxygenation during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Advisor: Sune Nielsen, G&G
Astrid Pacini, Yale University
Structure and Circulation of Pacific Winter Water on the Chukchi Sea Shelf in Late Spring
Advisor: Robert Pickart, PO
Zoraida Perez-Delgado, Universidad Metropolitana
Satellite and Model Analysis of Coral Reefs in the Western Indian Ocean: 2001 to 2007
Advisor: Caroline Ummenhofer, PO
Gilles Seropian, McGill University
Viscoelastic relaxation of the Greenland ice sheet
Jeffrey McGuire, G&G
Katherine Siegel, Georgia Institute of Technology
Physical Forcing on Hypoxic Water in Chesapeake Bay
Advisor: Malcolm Scully, AOP&E
Vishwajit Singh, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Automated Interval Velocity Picking for Atlantic Multi-Channel Seismic Data
Advisors: Nathan Miller and Deborah Hutchinson, USGS
Yuxin Zhou, University of Southern California
Magnitude of the Suess Effect in the North Atlantic - a Study of Foraminifera and Transient Tracer Simulations
Advisors: Delia Oppo, G&G, and Geoffrey Gebbie, PO