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R/V Neil Armstrong: Specifications

Displacement 3,204 long tons (LT)
Length Overall (LOA): 238 ft.
Waterline (LWL): 230 ft.
Beam 50 ft.
Draft 15 ft.
Speed 12 kts. (sustained)
Installed power
3952 kW (total)
Range 11,500 nm
Endurance 40 days
Towing 10,000 lbs. at 6 kts.
25,000 lbs. at 4 kts.
Working deck area    
Aft of deckhouse: 1,873 sq. ft.
Total stern: 2,557 sq. ft.
Starboard side: 80 sq. ft.
Laboratory area Main lab: 1,023 sq. ft.
Wet lab: 398 sq. ft.
Computer lab: 311 sq. ft.
Staging bay: 303 sq. ft.
Science berths 24
Crew berths 20


  • Controllable pitch propellers
  • Directional bow thruster, tunnel stern thruster
  • Dynamic positioning (+/- 5 meters in sea state 5)
  • Able to work near first-year ice (ice class D0)
  • Deep-water multibeam, mid-water multibeam, subbottom profiler, single-beam survey system, ADCP, acoustic navigation and tracking
  • Hull form diverts bubbles from sonar area
  • Main crane (11 ton); A-frame (15 ton); starboard crane (5.5 ton, motion-compensated)
  • Cranes, CTD handling, and starboard side handling systems reach to waterline


Kongsberg EM122 Multibeam
Knudsen 3260 Sub Bottom Profiler
Kongsberg EM710 Multibeam
•Kongsberg Sonar Synchronization System
•Kongsberg HiPAP Gantry with Sonardyne USBL
EK60 Mid-Water Echo Sounder
•Massa TR109 3.5 kHz transducer Array
•12 kHz transducer Array

Current Profilers
•38 kHz RDI Ocean Surveyor ADCP
•75 kHz RDI Ocean Surveyor ADCP
•300 kHz RDI Workhorse Mariner ADCP

Water Sampling and Sensing
•SeaBird TSG
•SeaBird CTD Rosette

Navigation & Communication
•POS/MV Precision GPS
•Satellite Communication System
•Acoustic Monitoring System
•Science Seawater Distribution System
•RADAR Wave Height Measurement System

The working decks of the R/V Armstrong offer convenient placement for up to five (5) standard 20' Lab Vans as well as convenient access to enclosed hangar and lab space. The main deck offers a total of 2557 square feet of external space for operations. A hydrographic / CTD crane and the ships crane compliment the main 30,000 lbs stern A-Frame.

Hydrographic Winches Include two (2) Markey CAST-6-125 units rated to 24,000 lbs each equipped with lebus shells sized for .322 EM cable and 3/8" wire rope respectively. A third Markey DETW-9-11 Traction Winch rated to a minimum of 25,000 lbs will be capable of 12,000 Meters of 9/16" wire, 10,000 Meters of .680 EM cable or .681 fiber optic.