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Tracking the Secret Lives of Sea Turtles

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Tank Away: Woods Hole

:: WCVB- Chronicle

Sea Turtle Camera Video Shows Leatherback's Journey Through Ocean

:: International Business Times

Underwater Vehicles Follow Tagged Turtles in the Wild

:: Robotics Tomorrow

Support For Ocean Tech Continues To Grow

:: Bernews

PwC joins pioneering Ocean Tech Mission

:: The Royal Gazette

SharkCam tracks great whites into the deep


Study: Shark strikes on drone help understand behavior

:: Cape Cod Times

WHOI TurtleCam project hits goal

:: Cape Cod Times

WHOI's TurtleCam project on track, tags first leatherback

:: Cape Cod Times

TurtleCam a test of WHOI crowdfunding

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A New Age for Underwater Autonomy

:: Marine Technology News

Is it really that dangerous to high-five a great white shark?

:: The Christian Science Monitor

Java Sea plane search: Monsoons, murkiness, trash

:: The Economic Times

NOVA: Why Planes Vanish

:: PBS

With huge search area mapped, MH370 hunt resuming

:: Associated Press - The Big Story

Exhibit takes visitors to ocean's dark abyss


Shark Week's High-Tech Underwater Camera

:: Bloomberg TV

Woods Hole's REMUS captures great white shark images

:: Cape Cod Times

Underwater Camera Explains Speed of Killer Shark’s Attack

:: The French Tribune

Great White Shark Attack Caught On Camera

:: Good Morning America

Underwater SharkCam Gets Mauled by a Great White

:: Discover Magazine

Shark vs. underwater camera

:: CBS Evening News

Video: Great White Sharks Chomp On An Underwater Robot

:: Austrailian Popular Science

REMUS SharkCam: The Hunter and the Hunted

:: Studio Daily

Woods Hole's underground fleet

:: Boston Globe

Why Is Malaysia Hiding Its Report on MH370?

:: Daily Beast

Different technology likely in MH370 hunt

:: Yahoo News 7

In Jet Hunt, Patience Is a Virtue

:: Bloomberg Business Week

Titanic Director Cameron's Mini Robot Probes May Aid Jet Quest

:: Bloomberg Businessweek

Deep water search for jet could turn on robot subs

:: Akron Legal News

Robot subs join search of MH370 in the dark deep

:: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Malaysia Airlines MH370: Unmanned Robot Subs Needed for Search

:: International Business Times

Search for Missing Jet Could Turn to Robot Subs

:: Product Design & Development

U.S. engineer's sub on standby to help find MH370

:: Al Jazeera America

Unmanned submarine could be a powerful tool in Flight 370 search

:: CNN Anderson Cooper 360

Search for Malaysian Jet No Easy Task

:: Wall Street Journal

Could this autonomous underwater vehicle find Flight 370?

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Deep Magic: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

:: Resident Magazine

Students on Deep Sea Adventure

:: Fox News

Robot maker Hydroid is adding at least 35 jobs on Cape Cod this year

:: Union-News & Sunday Republican

Robot maker Hydroid adding jobs on Cape Cod

:: The Business Journal

Deep sea stations could recharge underwater robots

:: The Boston Globe

Advanced Imaging Data to Bring a New View of Titanic

:: Hydro International

New Images of Titanic Wreck Revealed

:: Scientific American

Scanning Titanic for the future

:: Engineering and Technology Magazine

An Ocean of Data

:: Popular Science

Titanic site mapped

:: Louisville Courier-Journal

New map of Titanic wreck site created


Full Titanic wreck site is mapped for first time

:: Sydney Morning Herald

Hydroid launches newest REMUS

:: The Cape Cod Times

Researchers probe 200-year-old shipwreck off U.S. coast

:: CTV Saskatoon

Navy Researchers to Confirm If Shipwreck Is 'Revenge'

:: US Navy SEALs Blog & Information (blog)

Exploration of Watch Hill Shipwreck