Past Workshops


July 2013

"The Inner (and Outer) Lives of Phytoplankton* Cells" *and other photosynthesizers!

May 2013

The moving ocean.

April 2012

Undersea earthquakes and seismic measurements in deep water.

July 2011

HABCAM: Using advanced imaging technology to study New England seafloor ecology

December 2010

Research on Ocean Sound: Marine mammals and squid

September 2010

Oil Spill Science: What scientists and engineers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are working on in the Gulf of Mexico.

June 2010

Studying and Seeing Volcanic Processes in the Ocean

May 2009

Plastics in the ocean: science and potential student experiments and How animals defend themselves against pollutants: the chemical ‘defensome’

August 2008

"Happy as a Clam? -- How do we Know?: The Secret Lives of Shellfish in Our Coastal Waters

May 2008

"Suspended in Ice: Profiling the Arctic Ocean with New Technology"

March 2007

"The Mystery of Animal Migrations: How geochemistry can help ecologists track fish" Presented by Benjamin Walther and Simon Thorrold, Biology Department
"Rapid Change in the Arctic: New instruments and models to investigate a fragile system" Presented by Peter Winsor, Physical Oceanography Department

October 2006

"The Life and Times of Toxic Algal Blooms in the Gulf of Maine: Two Pieces of the Puzzle"

November 2005

"Understanding the Tectonics and History of Earth's Ocean Crust Formation Using Magnetic Measurements and High Resolution Surveys"

August 2005

"Why Worry About Fresh Water in a Salty Ocean? Changes in Fresh Water in the North Atlantic and the Impact on Climate Change"

November 2004

"How Volcanoes Make Life Possible (at the bottom of the ocean)"

June 2004

"Monitoring Beach and Dune Dynamics"

November 2003

»"Right Whale Ecology at the Intersection of Science, Technology, and Conservation"
»"Designing a New Vehicle for Deep Sea Exploration and Research"

May 2003

»"Visualizing Flow and Drag on Fish and Squid"
»"The Lives of Jellies: Aliens of Inner Space"

November 2002

»"Particle Flux, Coccolithophores, and Climate: Linking Tiny Cells to Global Climate"
»"High-Resolution Imaging with Underwater Vehicles"

April 2002

» "Determining the Resistance of Marine Animals to Environmental Chemicals"
» "Marine Magnetotactic Bacteria"
» "Technology for Marine Exploration: ROVs and AUVs"
» "A New Look at an Old Oil Spill"

November 2001

»"Engineering for an Extreme Environment: Open-Ocean Moorings"
»"A Window into the Private Lives of Dolphins"
»"The Alvin Submersible and Deep-Sea Technology"
»"Dive and Discover: A Look at Hydrothermal Vent Geology"