Human Occupied Vehicle Alvin


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Podcast: Using Philanthropy to Explore the World's Oceans

:: The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Life Without Guts

:: The Atlantic

Chasing Microbes: The Secret Superheroes of Our Planet

:: National Geographic

Ancient Deep Sea Corals Need Protection From Modern Threats

:: National Geographic - Ocean Views


:: Popular Science

'Popping rocks' with robots


What It Feels Like at 10,000 Feet Under the Sea

:: Great Big Story

Do Humans Have a Future in Deep Sea Exploration?

:: The New York Times

Meet the Robots Crawling Along the Ocean Floor

:: Motherboard

18th century shipwreck found in US

:: The Statesman

WHOI submersible stumbles upon a shipwreck

:: Cape Cod Times

University scientists discover possible 18th century shipwreck

:: United Press International

Mystery Shipwreck Discovered Off North Carolina's Coast

:: The Monitor Daily

Mysterious shipwreck discovered off North Carolina coast

:: The Christian Science Monitor

Famed submersible Alvin returns to WHOI

:: Cape Cod Times

Humans and Robots Battle It Out in the Deep

:: Wired

Alvin: The Little Submarine That Could

:: NPR

Life thrives inside rocks at bottom of sea, say scientists

:: The Christian Science Monitor

Ancient Greek shipwreck found to be world's largest

:: Science News

Exhibit takes visitors to ocean's dark abyss


Alvin the Deep Sea Submersible is Half a Century Old


The Many Birthdays of Alvin

:: WCAI Living Lab

ALVIN - Still Deep Diving at 50

:: WCAI Cape & Islands NPR station

Happy Birthday Alvin: 50 Years of Discovery

:: Maritime Executive

Wood Hole's Alvin sub turns 50

:: Cape Cod Times

Happy 50th, Alvin!

:: Boston Globe

Iconic research submersible Alvin turns 50

:: Cape Cod Today

The Evolution of Alvin

:: National Geographic

Woods Hole's underground fleet

:: Boston Globe

Fast Forward

:: Smithsonian Magazine

Bruce Museum opens deep sea exhibit

:: Greenwich-Post

Stakes are high at MMA job fair

:: Cape Cod Times

Upgraded Deep-Sea Sub Alvin Heading Back to Work

:: Yahoo News

Deep-diving sub Alvin cleared to return to service

:: R&D Magazine

Sailing for Science

:: Marine Link

Deep Magic: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

:: Resident Magazine

Storied Research Subs Visit Northwest Coast


Exploring the Ocean from the Comfort of Home

:: Living Lab-WCAI

Woods Hole Scientists Take Cues From Director James Cameron

:: WGBH Greater Boston

Lancaster native works on famous submersible

:: Lancaster Eagle Gazette

'Alvin,' Listo para zambullirse de nuevo

:: El Espectador

This Day in History

:: Mother Nature Network

Achievements in Science, Exploration, and Conservation

:: National Geographic

Alvin Upgrade Coming Along Swimmingly


Seven days

:: Nature

Upgraded Alvin submersible sets sail

:: Gizmag

Cameron donated deep-sea submarine to WHOI


James Cameron's sub given to science

:: BBC News

James Cameron To Donate Submarine to Science

:: Discovery News

Probing the ocean's undiscovered depths


Giant of the deep prepared to resume work

:: Inland Newstoday

Deep sub prepares to resume work

:: BBC News

Alvin submersible ready to get back in the water

:: BBC News

Woods Hole deep sea submersible gets a makeover

:: Boston Globe


:: Gazeta Wyborcza-Poland

Deep-Sea Vehicle Alvin Gets Splashy Makeover


Deep-sea research: Dive master

:: Nature

WHOI's Alvin to get upgrades


Alvin upgrades to allow for deeper exploration

:: Cape Cod Times

Pressure Testing of New Alvin Personnel Sphere Successful

:: The Maritime Executive

Virtual Exploration, Virtually Everywhere

:: Huffington Post (blog)

The Titanic's First Explorer

:: Gizmodo

Technology opens up Titanic's secrets


Go Inside the Alvin Submersible


Deepwater Horizon Hammered Deep-Water Corals

:: Mother Jones

Report: Oil spill culprit for heavy toll on coral

:: BusinessWeek

Texas institute to help refit submersible Alvin

:: Lubbock Online

Texas institute to help refit submersible Alvin


S.A. researchers helping famed ocean explorer expand travels

:: San Antonio Express

Submersible sphere made by Ladish

:: Trading Markets

Submersible sphere made by Ladish

:: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Upgrading the Famous Alvin Research Submersible

:: Space Ref

Upgraded sub could reach 98 percent of ocean deep

:: Mother Nature Network

Ocean science giant Alvin set for upgrade

:: BBC News

Famous deep-sea submersible to get upgrade


Oldest research sub set for rebirth

:: Scientific American

Submersible Alvin awaits major overhaul

:: Cape Cod Times