2017 Lecture Series Schedule


"Ice-Ocean Interactions" - June 19 to August 24, 2017

Principal Lecturers

Andrew Fowler, University of Oxford
Adrian Jenkins, British Antarctic Survey
Fiamma Straneo, WHOI/Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Week 1 - Principal Lectures (10 AM to NOON)

Monday, June 19

Andrew Fowler
Introduction to Ice Sheet Dynamics

Adrian Jenkins
The Antarctic Ice Sheet and the Southern Ocean: An Introduction

Fiamma Straneo
Greenland Ice Sheet Changes: The Ocean as a Trigger and Receiver

Tuesday, June 20

Andrew Fowler
Ice Dynamics
    Part I: Ice Flow Modeling
    Part II: Basal Processes

Wednesday, June 21

Andrew Fowler
Subglacial Control of Ice Flow
    Part I: Subglacial Floods
    Part II: Subglacial Bedforms

Thursday, June 22

Andrew Fowler
Processes at the Ice-Ocean Interface
    Part I: Ice Streams and Ice Shelves
    Part II: Grounding Line Dynamics, Calving and Tidewater Glaciers

Friday, June 23

Adrian Jenkins
Basic Theory of Ice-Ocean Interaction
    Part I: The Ice-Ocean Interface and the Boundary Layer
    Part II: Buoyancy-driven Flow on Geophysical Scales

Week 2-  Principal Lectures

Monday, June 26

Adrian Jenkins
Ocean Circulation beneath the Ice Shelves
    Part I: Insights from Plume Theory
    Part II: Models of the 3-D Circulation within a Cavity

Tuesday, June 27

Adrian Jenkins
Ice-Ocean Interactions around Antarctica
    Part I: Cold Water Regimes
    Part II: Warm Water Regimes

Wednesday, June 28

Fiamma Straneo
Testing the Ocean Trigger Hypothesis for Greenland's Recent Glacier Retreat
    Part I: Characteristics of Greenland's Glaciers and Fjords
    Part II: Evidence and Open Questions

Thursday, June 29

Fiamma Straneo
Submarine Melting of Greenland's Glaciers
    Part I: The Near Ice Zone - Observations, Theory, Models
    Part II: The Fjord Scale - Observations, Theory, Models

Friday, June 30

Fiamma Straneo
Formulating Appropriate Glacier/Ocean Exchanges in Greenland Ice Sheet and North Atlantic Ocean Models
    Part I: Formulating Appropriate Greenland Discharge Conditions for Ocean Models
    Part II: Formulating Appropriate Ocean Forcing Conditions for Greenland Ice Sheet and
    Glacier Models


Monday, July 3,
(Working title) When is a Meltwater Plume not a Plume (and Other Shocking Questions)?
Andrew Wells, University of Oxford

Tuesday, July 4

Wednesday, July 5
Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Buoyant Plumes: Effects of Complex Stratifications and Wall Presence on Plume Dynamics
Luca Brandt, KTH Mechanics

Thursday, July 6

10:30 Modelling Submarine Melting at Tidewater Glaciers in Greenland
Donald Slater, University of Edinburgh

2:00  Atmospheric vs. Oceanic Control of Labrador Sea Water Formation
Renske Gelderloos, Johns Hopkins University

Friday, July 7
Water Mass Transformation under Southern Ocean Sea Ice
Ryan Abernathey, Columbia University

Week 4

Monday, July 10
Transport through Straits and Observed from HF Radar Measurements
Roberta Sciascia, University of Marine Sciences, National Research Council

Tuesday, July 11
(Working title) The Role of Antarctic Sea Ice in the Ocean's Overturning Circulation
Malte Jansen, University of Chicago

Wednesday, July 12
Accurate Linear Response Function of Climate Models: Calculations and Applications
Pedram Hassanzadeh, Rice University

Thursday, July 13

10:30   External Time Averages and Optimal Bounds in Dynamical Systems
David Goluskin, University of Michigan

2:00   TBD
Keaton Burns, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Friday, July 14
Com-cille Caulfield

Week 5

Monday, July 17
Double-diffusive Mixing in the Arctic Ocean
Yana Bebieva, Yale University

Tuesday, July 18
Self-sculpting of a Dissolvable Body due to Gravitational Convection
Megan Davies-Wykes, DAMTP

Wednesday, July 19
Measuring Core Stellar Magnetic Fields using Wave Conversion
Daniel Lecoanet, Princeton University

Thursday, July 20

10:30   Bounds on Heat Transfer in Bénard-Marangoni Convection
Giovanni Fantuzzi, Imperial College London

2:00   The Influence of Memory in Mesoscale Eddy Field on the Variability of Large-scale Ocean Circulation
Georgy Manucharyan, California Institute of Technology

Friday, July 21
Greg Chini, University of New Hampshire

Week 6

Monday, July 24
Carlos Moffat, University of Delaware

Tuesday, July 25
(Working title) Stablity and Mixing of Shear Layers Forced by Standing Internal Waves
Alexis Kaminski, Oregon State University

Wednesday, July 26
SEARS PUBLIC LECTURE - 5:00 pm - Redfield Auditorium
Richard Alley, Pennsylvania State University

Thursday, July 27

10:30  TBD
Bruce Sutherland, University of Alberta

2:00  Ocean Submesoscales as a Key Component of the Global Heat Budget
Zhan Su, California Institute of Technology

Friday, July 28
Jean-Luc Thiffeault, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Week 7

Monday, July 31
Charlie Doering, University of Michigan

Tuesday, August 1
Thesis Defense: Influence of Meltwater on Greenland Ice Sheet Dynamics
Laura Stevens, WHOI/MIT Joint Program

Wednesday, August 2
Pascale Garaud, University of California-Santa Cruz

Thursday, August 3

10:30  Fluid Deformation of the Solid Earth: Bending and Breaking Rock and Ice
Jerome Neufeld, University of Cambridge

2:00    Examining Ice-Ocean Interactions with Laboratory Experiments
Craig McConnochie, WHOI

Friday, August 4
Ian Hewitt, University of Oxford

Week 8

Monday, August 7
Simple Models of Marine Ice Sheets
Grae Worster, University of Cambridge

Tuesday, August 8
Phil Morrison, University of Texas-Austin

Wednesday, August 9
Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Processes Stabilizing Antarctic Ice Stream Margins
Jim Rice, Harvard University

Thursday, August 10
The Control of Marine Ice Sheet Dynamics and Stablity by Ice-shelf Buttressing
Sam Pegler, University of Leeds

Friday, August 11
How Focused Flexibility Maximizes the Thrust Production of Flapping Wings
Nick Moore, Florida State University

Weeks 9 and 10

Fellows' Presentations