2016 Lecture Series Schedule


"Fluid-Structure Interaction in the Living Environment" - June 20 to August 26, 2016

Principal Lecturers
Michael Shelley, New York University
Peko Hosoi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Week 1, June 20 – 24  Principal Lectures 10 AM to Noon

Monday, June 20
A primer on continuum and fluid mechanics
Michael Shelley

Tuesday, June 21
Canonical fluid-structure problems:elastic structures interacting with high-speed flows
Michael Shelley

Wednesday, June 22
Flapping flight: symmetry breaking and the transition to flapping flight
Michael Shelley

Thursday, June 23
High Re fluid-structure interactions in sports
Peko Hosoi

Friday, June 24
Low Reynolds number swimming introduction: RFT and a slender-body theory teaser, three-link swimmer, single flagellum, two flagella, optimization
Peko Hosoi

Week 2, June 27 – July 1  Principal Lectures

Monday, June 27
10:00 am
Low Reynolds number phenomena
Michael Shelley

2:00 pm
Some (unexpected) boundary effects in thermal convection
Jun Zhang, Courant Institute, NYU

Tuesday, June 28
Collective behavior at low Reynolds number
Michael Shelley

Wednesday, June 29
Thin films with elastic boundaries
Peko Hosoi

Thursday, June 30
Hydrodynamics of textured surfaces: hair textures, symmetry breaking, Darcy-Brinkman flow
Peko Hosoi

Friday, July 1
Peko Hosoi

Week 3 - Lectures begin at 10:30 AM

Monday, July 4

July 5 - 8

Week 4


Week 5


Week 6


Week 7

Thursday, August 4

2:00 PM, Redfield Auditorium, reception to follow at Walsh Cottage
Swimming and Crawling in a Turbulent World
Mimi Koehl, University of California, Berkeley