2018 Lecture Series Schedule


Sustainable Fluid Mechanics in the Human Environment - June 18 to August 24, 2018

Principal Lecturer

Andrew Woods, University of Cambridge

Week 1 - Principal Lectures (10 AM to noon)

Monday, June 18
Introduction and Buoyant Plumes

Tuesday, June 19
Confined Plumes and Mixing

Wednesday, June 20
Flow in Buildings

Thursday, June 21
Blowouts, Volcanic Plumes and Lake Eruptions

Friday, June 22
Inertial Gravity Currents: Ash Flows and Turbidites

Week 2 - Principal Lectures (10 AM to noon)

Monday, June 25
Flow in Wells/Volcanic Conduits

Tuesday, June 26
Porous Rocks: Formation, Structure and Dispersion 
Hele Shaw Cells and Oil Recovery

Wednesday, June 27
Viscous Fingering and Related Phenomena

Thursday, June 28
Porous Gravity Currents and CO2 Sequestration

Friday, June 29
Geothermal Energy Recovery and Buoyancy Effects

Week 3 - LECTURES BEGIN AT 10:30

Monday, July 2
Preconditioning numerical solvers for steady state and traveling waves
Jacob Langham, University of Bristol

Tuesday, July 3
Layers, localization, and relaminarization in stratified plane Couette flow with horizontal shear
Dan Lucas, Keele University

Wednesday, July 4

Thursday, July 5
10:30 a.m.
Shear instabilities at low Prandtl number
Pascale Garaud, University of California Santa Cruz

2:00 p.m.
For what it's worth: An analyst's hunt for asymptotic heat transport in Rayleigh-Bénard convection
Charles Doering, University of Michigan

Friday, July 6
On the optimal design of wall-to-wall heat transport
Ian Tobasco, University of Michigan

Wall-to-wall optimal transport theory and 2D computations
Andre Souza, Georgia Institute of Technology

Week 4

Monday, July 9
Bridging the scale hierarchy problem in ocean biogeochemical models
Francesco Paparella, NYU Abu Dhabi

Tuesday, July 10
The fluid and elastodynamics of cracking rocks; or how to frack into and out of trouble
Herbert Huppert, University of Cambridge

Wednesday, July 11
Rapidly rotating dynamos at large Reynolds number
Basile Gallet, SPEC, CEA Saclay

Thursday, July 12
The effect of pre-existing turbulence on stratified shear instability
Alexis Kaminski, Oregon State University

Friday, July 13
Reduced-order modeling of Rayleigh-Benard turbulence
Pedram Hassanzadeh, Rice University

Week 5

Monday, July 16
A unified nonlinear stochastic time-series analysis for climate science
Woosok Moon, Nordic Institute of Theoretical Physics

Tuesday, July 17
Plumes in stratified fluids
Bruce Sutherland, University of Alberta

Wednesday, July 18
Double diffusive convection
Detlef Lohse, University of Twente

Thursday, July 19
Subglacial processes and the flow of ice sheets
Katarzyna Kowal, University of Cambridge & Northwestern University

Friday, July 20
Liesegang rings
Andrew Fowler, University of Limerick

Week 6

Monday, July 23
Bounding extreme events on a chaotic attractor
David Goluskin, University of Victoria

Tuesday, July 24
Effect of temperature on cross ventilation
Megan Davies-Wykes, University of Cambridge

Wednesday, July 25
Plumes and gravity currents: some new ideas on some old problems
Andrew Hogg, University of Bristol

Thursday, July 26
The fluid dynamics of disease transmission laboratory
Lydia Bourouiba, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Friday, July 27
Garbage patches
Glenn Flierl, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Week 7

Monday, July 30
10:30 a.m. 
Rotationally suppressed and rotationally forced Rayleigh-Taylor instability
Matthew Scase, University of Nottingham

2:00 p.m. SEARS PUBLIC LECTURE (Redfield Auditorium)
Biological Propulsion in (and of?) the Ocean
John Dabiri, Stanford University

Tuesday, July 31
Unsupervised clustering for coherent structure identification and Lagrangian data assimilation
John Dabiri, Stanford University

Wednesday, August 1
How vegetation alters waves and current, and the feedbacks to environmental system function
Heidi Nepf, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Thursday, August 2
Geothermal heat exchange
Ian Hewitt, University of Oxford

Friday, August 3
Flow-driven compaction of a fibrous porous medium
Tom Eaves, University of British Columbia

Week 8

Monday, August 6
Convective plumes in a heterogeneous porous formation
Duncan Hewitt, University of Cambridge

Tuesday, August 7
A modified Howard-Marcus-Welander loop model for ocean millennial variability
Alexey Fedorov, Yale University

Wednesday, August 8
Particles breaking out of debris flows
Barbara Turnbull, University of Nottingham

Thursday, August 9
Squeeze dispersion and the enhancement of diffusion by strain
Gregory LeClaire Wagner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Friday, August 10
An enthalpy method for subglacial frozen fringe
Colin Meyer, University of Oregon

Week 9

Quiet Week - No Lectures

Week 10

Fellows' Presentations