Research Highlights


From Oceanus Magazine

Why Did the El Faro Sink?

Deep-sea vehicles locate data recorder on the seafloor

A New Tsunami-warning System

Scientists devise way to relay sound signals under water

Communicating Under Sea Ice

Engineers use ocean channel to efficiently relay sound

All the Ocean's a Stage

First impressions of my first research cruise

To Track a Sea Turtle

Underwater vehicles follow tagged turtles in the wild

Whale-safe Fishing Gear

New buoy for lobster traps could prevent entanglements

How Would 'On-Call' Buoys Work?

Interactive featured in: "Whale-safe Fishing Gear"

Let There Be Laser Light

Laser spectroscopy could illuminate key environmental gases


News Releases

SharkCam Tracks Great Whites into the Deep

Expedition Featured on Discovery Channel's 'Shark Week' 2016

New AUV Plankton Sampling System Deployed

’SUPR-REMUS,’ coupled with genetic analysis, reveals larval distributions

Carbon Dioxide Pools Discovered in Aegean Sea

’Kallisti Limnes’ Get Their Distinctive Color from Opal Particles