Alvin Upgrade

Progress Report (January 2012): Get the latest news about the status of the Alvin upgrade,
including modifications to R/V Atlantis and schedules for component and vehicle tests.

From WHOI In the News

Alvin the Deep Sea Submersible is Half a Century Old


Woods Hole deep sea submersible gets a makeover

:: Boston Globe

Texas institute to help refit submersible Alvin

:: Lubbock Online

Submersible sphere made by Ladish

:: Trading Markets

Submersible sphere made by Ladish

:: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Upgrading the Famous Alvin Research Submersible

:: Space Ref

Upgraded sub could reach 98 percent of ocean deep

:: Mother Nature Network

Ocean science giant Alvin set for upgrade

:: BBC News

Famous deep-sea submersible to get upgrade


Oldest research sub set for rebirth

:: Scientific American

Submersible Alvin awaits major overhaul

:: Cape Cod Times

Overhauling Alvin

:: National Geographic