ALVIN upgrade

August 20, 2014

WHOI scientists place deep-sea call

Cape Cod Times
March 4, 2012

Texas institute to help refit submersible Alvin

Houston Chronicle
February 14, 2011

Submersible sphere made by Ladish

Trading Markets
February 12, 2011

Submersible sphere made by Ladish

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
December 20, 2010

Upgraded sub could reach 98 percent of ocean deep

Mother Nature Network
December 16, 2010

Ocean science giant Alvin set for upgrade

BBC News
December 16, 2010

Oldest research sub set for rebirth

Scientific American
September 14, 2009

Submersible Alvin awaits major overhaul

Cape Cod Times
July 10, 2009

Overhauling Alvin

National Geographic

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