Ice Tethered Profiler 88 Data

Data from ITP88 deployed in September 2015

Last buoy status on 2016/2/6 22013 UTC : temperature = -24.6875 C, battery = 9.913 V

Plot of ITP Buoy Status

Last position on 2016/2/6 20434 UTC : 74.0711 N, 142.1935 W

Plot of ITP Locations

Last profile (number 31) on 2015/10/15 2 UTC

Last profile mean motor current = 142.6327 mA, mean battery = 10.8042 V

Plot of ITP Profiler Engineering Data

Last profile depth: minimum = 8.9115, maximum = 760.0288 m

Last profile temperature: minimum = -1.4975, maximum = 0.79391 C

Last profile salinity: minimum = 27.4924, maximum = 34.8561

Composite Plot of ITP T & S Profiles

Plot of ITP T & S Contours

The raw GPS buoy location data are available in an ASCII file: itp88rawlocs.dat

Depth averaged profiler data files (with interpolated location) are available in two formats:

itp88grddata.tar.Z or

ITP88 was deployed on a 1.0 m thick ice floe in the Beaufort Sea on September 28, 2015 at 78 34.0 N, 141 22.1 W as part of the Beaufort Gyre Observing System (BGOS) during the JOIS 2015 cruise on the CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent. On the same icefloe, a US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) Seasonal Ice Mass Balance Buoy 2 and an autonomous atmospheric chemistry buoy (O-Buoy) were also installed. The ITP is operating on a standard sampling schedule of 2 one-way profiles between 7 and 760 m depth each day.