Flathead Lake Moored Profiler 46 Data

Data from LMP46 deployed in December 2011

Last buoy status on 2014/1/26 230112 UTC : temperature = -0.39 C, battery = 10.15 V

Plot of LMP Buoy Status

Last position on 2014/1/26 230110 UTC : 47.8751 N, 114.047 W

Plot of LMP Locations

Last profile (number 9668) on 2014/1/20 722 UTC

Last profile mean motor current = 94.3981 mA, mean battery = 10.6888 V

Plot of LMP Profiler Engineering Data

Last profile depth: minimum = 11.7689, maximum = 86.523 m

Last profile temperature: minimum = 3.5991, maximum = 3.8113 C

Last profile salinity: minimum = 0.07737, maximum = 0.077513

Composite Plot of LMP T & S Profiles

Plot of LMP T & S Contours

Last profile dissolved oxygen: minimum = -95.3025, maximum = -94.632 μmol/kg

Composite Plot of LMP DO Profiles

Plot of LMP DO Contours

Composite Plot of LMP Turbidity & Chlorophyll a Profiles

Plot of LMP Turbidity & Chlorophyll a Contours

Composite Plot of LMP CDOM & PAR Profiles

Plot of LMP CDOM & PAR Contours

The raw GPS buoy location data are available in an ASCII file: itp46rawlocs.dat

Depth averaged profiler data files (with interpolated location) are available in two formats:

itp46grddata.tar.Z or itp46grddata.zip

LMP46 was deployed in Flathead Lake, Montana by the Flathead Lake Biological Station of the University of Montana. Tethered to the lake bottom, the Lake Moored Profiler is equipped with a full bio-sensor suite and is operating on a pattern profiling sampling schedule.