Crater Lake Moored Profiler 39 Data

Data from LMP39 deployed in July 2010

Last buoy status on 2011/9/25 230200 UTC : temperature = 16.58 C, battery = 10.96 V

Plot of LMP Buoy Status

Last position on 2011/9/25 230200 UTC : 42.8965 N, 122.1351 W

Plot of LMP Locations

No profiles yet

The raw GPS buoy location data are available in an ASCII file: itp39rawlocs.dat

ITP39 was deployed in Crater Lake, Oregon on July 22, 2010 by the National Park Service. Tethered to the lake bottom, the Lake Moored Profiler is operating on a sampling schedule of 1 paired profile (up and down) between 5 and 560 m depth each day.