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What are some of the research projects WHOI is involved in on Cape Cod?

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) focuses its scientific emphasis primarily on global research projects. However, WHOI takes seriously its responsibilities as a citizen of the Cape Cod region. WHOI scientists pursue local and regional research projects that complement the Institution's mission of understanding ocean environments. Recent projects in the Cape Cod region address these interest areas:

  • biology and physical oceanography affecting the fisheries of Georges Bank and the Gulf of Maine
  • toxic chemical contamination of coastal shellfish populations in Buzzards Bay, New Bedford Harbor, Boston Harbor, Cape Cod Bay, and Massachusetts Bay
  • toxic "red tide" outbreaks in shellfish areas
  • management of lobster fisheries
  • advisory programs on aquaculture and the harvesting of alternative species
  • long-term studies of the 1969 West Falmouth oil spill
  • water-quality monitoring, including the "Falmouth Pond Watchers" program
  • biological and recreational impact of wastewater treatment facilities on Martha's Vineyard
  • ecosystem management of Nantucket Harbor
  • protection of salt marshes, dunes, and barrier beaches, and the sustainability of coastal land forms, including the outer beaches of Cape Cod

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