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Ocean Institutes

Ken Brink Coastal Ocean Institute and Rinehart Coastal Research Center 
The Coastal Ocean Institute (COI) carries on the tradition of the Rinehart Coastal Research Center by fostering interdisciplinary coastal ocean research and education and by communicating findings to the world beyond Woods Hole.
Susan Humphris Deep Ocean Exploration Institute 
The Deep Ocean Exploration Institute (DOEI) investigates processes that shape the planetís surface, regulate the chemistry of its oceans, and impact its inhabitants.
Bill Curry Ocean and Climate Change Institute 
Pursuing greater understanding of the oceanís role in climate change, the Ocean and Climate Change Institute (OCCI) launched support for several new research projects, an OCCI fellow, and two postdoctoral scholars, and also sponsored a conference on a key abrupt climate change in the past.
Larry Madin Ocean Life Institute 
The Ocean Life Institute (OLI) fosters new research on important biological and ecological questions in the ocean.