From animating your 3D CAD models to conceptual illustrations of changes over time, our animators can help you communicate complicated ideas that take place in "4D"—three dimensions of space, and over time.

Animated models of proposed equipment or projects, can convey ideas that do not actually exist….yet, or are impossible to capture on film. Our animations have been shown on PBS, The Discovery Channel, network television news, and countless presentations. Our animations can be packaged to play on the web, a television broadcast, a PowerPoint presentation, kiosk within an exhibit, or handheld devices.

The Process

Together we sit down and discuss what you want to present and how best to approach the project within your budget.

Next we need the narration that will accompany this animation either as a recorded voice-over or words you will speak during your presentation, or both. Then we create a storyboard so you can see exactly how your script blends with the animation to present your message. After that we will help refine the elements to produce a package of which we can all be proud.

The final step in the process is making the actual animation, rendering out the scenes required to tell the story, and compositing them together into one coherent movie. If sound is needed, such as narration or natural sounds (whale sounds are an example) they will be recorded and edited into the movie at this stage. The final movie is rendered in HD format (1920x1080 pixels) for use in television, or compressed and reduced in size for use on the web.

  • Natalie Renier
    Natalie Renier

    2D/3D Illustration

    Natalie combined her passion for science and art to help researchers visualize their science.


  • Tim Silva
    Tim Silva

    Multimedia editor

    Tim works in video editing, motion graphics, and animation to provide a variety of new media products for our clients.

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