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Frequently Asked Questions

I need a WHOI Logo? Where do I get one? How do I know which one to use?
Click here for logos and information.

How do I get business cards and stationery?
Easy! Just go to the order part of this site, and click on business card forms. You can either fill in the information on-line, or download the printable pdf version, fill it out by hand, and send it back to us. For stationery, you can also fill out a form online. If you already have stationery, but would like to make changes, mark the changes and send them to the fax number above. For straight reruns, send an example, number needed, a contact name and your charge number to Repro, MS#5.

I have a poster session and need to make a poster. Where do I start?
Careful planning for a poster helps keep down your cost. Here's a basic list of what we'll need to pout together a poster for you:

  1. Text in electronic format. We accept just about everything.

  2. All figures in electronic format, preferably in Encapsulated (eps) or postscript (ps) format. We can use a lot of other formats, but these work best. We really prefer not to get PowerPoint files as they are very finicky & unpredictable. We very often have to redo any figures done in PowerPoint, especially the text.

  3. We can scan photos if necessary. If you scan them yourself, save as either tiff or jpeg.

  4. A rough layout (on paper). A hard copy of all figures and text.

  5. Everything organized. For example, hard copy of each figure/photo labeled Figure 1, etc., captions clearly labeled in both electronic version and on paper "caption for figure 1", etc.

We will put the poster together and print out a proof for the author to edit.

If you would like to put a poster together yourself and have us print it out and laminate it, we would prefer Adobe Illustrator, but most any program will work. Please contact Jayne Doucette with file format questions at ext. 2647.

Do you have an ftp area?
Of course!

To upload:
Use this to upload files that are too big to email

To download:
This is where we put proofs and finished files/folders for you to view

I've just completed a WHOI Technical report. Now what?
Go to the order form section of our site, and click on technical reports. There you can either fill out the information online, or download a pdf version of the technical report intake sheet and instructions.

There is a WHOI event coming up and I need signs. Who do I call?
Call Jack Cook at ext. 4837. He makes custom signs for events using a variety of materials.

How do I get a copy of a particular publication?
Issues of Oceanus magazine and some other publications are available through the Information Office in the Village or the Media Relations Office on the Quissett Campus.

Please feel free to ask questions and email them to