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Fye Lab Mass Spectrometry and NMR Facility

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Fye Laboratory.

Mass Spectrometry Facility
Rooms 123 & 140 Fye Laboratory
Emergency Procedures
08 Feb, 2005

The superconducting magnet portion of the NMR spectrometer is always operative in room 140 Fye. There exists a very strong magnetic field around the large, white tank in the corner of the room. Should it be necessary to enter this room, all personnel (fire fighters) must be warned to avoid having any metallic objects (e.g. air tanks, etc.) attached to their persons. Further, only dry chemical extinguishers should be used around the magnet. (The white tank is filled with liquid nitrogen and liquid helium. Both are non-flammable, non-toxic, simple asphyxiants, which must be allowed to boil off freely or a dangerous pressure build-up will occur. Use of a water based extinguisher could seal the tank with ice, causing a pressure explosion.) Care should also be exersized due to the extreme cold of the cryogens. Below are procedures and contacts for the Fye Lab Mass Spectrometry and NMR Facility. Thic memo superceeds all previous information.

  1. Power Outages. It is not necessary to contact me after power outages.
  2. Water shutoff or loss of pressure. It is not necessary to contact me about water shutoff or loss of pressure.
  3. Fire or other catastrophe. Carl Johnson should be contacted at home at any hour at 457-9347. If I can not be reached personally (i.e., if you only contact an answering machine) then one of the following individuals should be contacted:

    Dr. Nelson Frew, WHOI x2489, Home 428-5959

    Ms. Leah Houghton, WHOI x3475, Home 693-0834

    Dr. Helen Fredericks, WHOI x3678, Home 763-4998

General Emergency Notes

1) In the event of life threatening or other extreme case, electrical power to the instruments in Fye 123, Fye 123 D, Fye 140, and to the mass spectrometer in Fye 142, can be cut at the breakers from and to the UPS in the mechanical support room (121 Fye). The two breaker boxes are located by entering 121, turning left, about six feet above the floor. Both are labelled “Emergency Shut Off for Mass Spec Facility”.

1a) As a secondary measure, in the event of a life threatening or other extreme case, the electrical power to the mass spectrometers in 123 Fye can be cut by pulling down the five (5) large red levers located immediately to the left of the double doors as one enters the room.

2) In the event of a break in the closed loop water recirculation system, the system can be shut down by turning off the flow on outlet side of the large (blue, Neslab) recirculator located behind the blind door in the mechanical support room (121 Fye). The shutoff is located on the side of unit farthest from the ladder leading up to the attic. Please close this valve only to stop an extreme leak.

3) Due caution should be exersized around the many compressed gas cylinders in the lab. Flammable gas tanks are not normally left open at night/weekends, but there are helium lines throughout the lab which are typically operational and pressurized around the clock.

Last updated: October 14, 2008

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