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Cruise Planning Synopsis

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Slocum Glider Deployment


R/V Tioga

Cruise Party

Benjamin Hodges: Chief Scientist
Organization Name USA
+1 508 289 2876

David Nicholson: Principal Investigator
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Clark 411, MS#25 Woods Hole, Ma. USA 02543
+1 508 289 3547

Departure: May 31, 2016


Arrival: May 31, 2016


Operations Area

Shelf Break
Lat/Lon: 40° 30.0′ N / 71° 0.0′ W
Depth Range: 0 / 200
Will the vessel be operating within 200 NM of a foreign country? no

Science Objectives

Slocum Glider deployment to test air-calibrating oxygen measurement approach

Science Activities

Deploy Slocum Glider near Shelf Break (40.5 N, 71 W) and collect calibration O2 bottle samples

Additional Info

Pre-cruise Planning Meeting: Visit WHOI


  Distance: 75
  Days: 1
  Latitude: 40° 30.0’ N
  Longitude: 71° 0.0’ W

Supporting documentation:


Funding Agency: WHOI
Grant or contract number: 57968

Scientific Instrumentation for R/V Tioga

Shipboard Equipment

Rigid-Hill Inflatable Boat (9.5ft.)

CTD/Water Sampling

911+ Rosette 24-position, 10-liter bottle Rosette with dual T/C sensors

MET Sensors

Barometric Pressure
Relative Humidity
SBE 45 Sea Surface Temperature
Wind speed and direction

Equipment Deployment

What type of equipment will you deploy?
Slocum G1 200m glider with Alkaline batteries
What are the dimensions?
<2m length3
What is the weight in air?
60 kg

Hazardous Material

Will hazardous material be utilized?no
Describe deployment method and quantity:

Additional Information

Brief operations description or comments:
Other required equipment and special needs:

Checklist & Notes


U.S. Customs Form: no
Diplomatic Clearance: no
Date Submitted:
Date Approved:
Agent Information:
Isotope Use Approval: no
Isotope Notes:
SCUBA Diving: no


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