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Available Sampling Systems
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Available Sampling Systems
In addition to curating the sample resources that are housed in the Quissett Campus facility, the Seafloor Sample Lab maintains an equipment pool of sea going hardware. This specially designed equipment is available for general use aboard vessels in the Woods Hole fleet as well as those in the UNOLS consortium. Users are responsible for transportation and expendable costs. If shipboard technical assistance is required, as is often the case with larger coring systems, experienced personnel are available for offshore operations.

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High Resolution Sampling
This category of equipment is normally specified when special projects require an extremely well-preserved sediment/water interface. When these devices are in use, overall core length is limited to less than one meter, but “core top” or surface sediment preservation is extraordinary. Both of the tools described below are commercially manufactured.
O.I. Mark III Box Core 
O.I. Multicore 

Intermediate Systems
These equipment systems can be mobilized when sample recovery requirements are in the range of 3 to 15 meters.
Giant Gravity Core 
‘Standard Piston Core’ 

Long Coring
When coring goals exceed 15 meters.
Jumbo Piston Core 

Rock Sampling
Dredging equipment is available as well.