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Under Development
Developing an in-house ability to reliably recover 50-meter-long, large-diameter cores has been a goal of members of the WHOI Department of Geology and Geophysics for many years. Expanding the UNOLS fleet coring capability is also of considerable interest to the U.S. scientific community in order to better understand the mechanisms that lead to rapid climate change and to reconstruct variations in ocean circulation on short time scales. Thanks to recent funding from the Cecil and Ida Green Foundation and the Grayce B. Kerr Fund Inc., we are currently underway on a conceptual design study. The goal of the study is to establish the foundation for development of a new long coring capability compatible with certain UNOLS platforms. Every aspect of creating such a system will be subject to careful analysis.

The graphic below outlines the major topics of the conceptual study:
Under Development chart
When the design study is complete, our hope is to be able to recommend appropriate enhancement of vessel(s) determined to be feasible for the project and prepare proposals for the construction and acquisition of project specific hardware and infrastructure.