Programs: 2006 Science and Math Safaris

Easy Tech Lessons for your Classroom
Thursday, November 30th from 4:00 - 6:00 PM at the North Falmouth Elementary School library. Presenters: Pat Harcourt and Lynn Parks
Come try out tools to make observations and measurements right in your own schoolyard.  We will demonstrate student-friendly technology and connect the observations to lessons on weather, water cycle, forms of energy, graphing, and basic data interpretation.  We will even help you plan a quick and easy proposal for a WHSTEP grant to support your favorite tech project!

USGS Safari participantsBouncing Sound and Mapping with Math in the Oceans
Thursday March 30th from 4:00 – 6:00 PM - Safari begins at USGS Crawford Building on the WHOI Quissett Campus and ends at the USGS Marine Operations Facility on Woods Hole Rd
Would you like to “fly” a virtual submersible through an underwater trench? Do you want to share stories and lessons about recent developments in ocean technology with your students? Join us at the USGS facilities in Woods Hole, where we will learn how scientists use remote sensing to study ocean geology. At the USGS Crawford Building, we will find out how sound is used to map the deepest parts of the ocean floor using sophisticated sonar systems. Participants will then have an opportunity to “fly” through the Puerto Rican Trench using a 3-dimensional visualization system called the GeoWall. Our second stop will be at the USGS Marine Operations Facility. There we will learn more about the instrumentation used for sea-floor mapping and see the equipment first hand. Participants will receive lesson plans and teaching resources.


PDP credit is available. The Partnership offers an on-going series entitled “WHSTEP: Current Topics in Math & Science.” All programs offered under this series may be taken for PDP credit with hours combined to reach a cumulative total of 10 PDP hours or more in science. Teachers can receive 2 PDP credit hours for each safari.