Programs: 2005 Science and Math Safaris

Mini-Tour of Woods Hole Institutions
Thursday October 27th from 3:45 - 5:45 PM - Tour begins in the main lobby of MBL’s Lilly Laboratory on MBL Street
Join us for a tour of three of the scientific research institutions in Woods Hole. We will visit the Josephine Bay Paul Center in Comparative Molecular Biology and Evolution at MBL, where Michele Bahr will give us a presentation about the research being done in this renowned molecular biology facility. Our second stop will be at the WHOI Bigelow Laboratory, where we will learn about the REMUS underwater autonomous vehicles and tour the WHOI docks. Our final stop will be the NMFS Northeast Fisheries Sciences Center, where Gordon Waring will speak about fisheries research and show us the seal and small dolphin wet lab where necropsies are performed.

Greg SkomalThe Great White Shark of Naushon Island
Thursday March 31st from 3:45 - 5:45 PM at the Morse Pond School Computer Lab
Greg Skomal, of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, will talk about the great white shark that spent weeks in the waters around Naushon Island last year. He will be discussing this event in the context of what is known of great white sharks in the North Atlantic. He will also explain how scientists used their knowledge of shark behavior and feeding ecology to motivate the shark to move from the small embayment back into open water. The presentation will be followed by a demonstration of Microsoft Excel. Real data collected from sharks tracked with telemetry will be analyzed and graphed using the spreadsheet program.


PDP credit is available. The Partnership offers an on-going series entitled “WHSTEP: Current Topics in Math & Science.” All programs offered under this series may be taken for PDP credit with hours combined to reach a cumulative total of 10 PDP hours or more in science. Teachers can receive 2 PDP credit hours for each safari.