Mini-Grants: FAQs

Q: Can all teachers apply for WHSTEP Mini-Grant funds?
No. Funds are available only to teachers in our member districts of Bourne,
Falmouth, and Mashpee, Massachusetts.

Q: I would like to partner or consult with a scientist on my project. How can I find a match? A:WHSTEP can help! We maintain a registry of science outreach volunteers, and have liaisons at each of the local research institutions and agencies.

Q: How many Mini-Grants are funded each year?
The number varies, but most proposals are funded partially or in full if they meet the grant criteria spelled out in the cover letter and explained more clearly in the FAQs.

Q: Can I use WHSTEP Mini-Grant funds to take my students on a whale watch?
No. Proposals should demonstrate the capacity to become self-sustaining. One-time, special events may be considered with a description of pre- and post-event curriculum and products.

Q: Do proposals have to be for science projects only?
No. In fact, projects in mathematics and engineering are encouraged!

Q: What about interdisciplinary projects, for example Language & Arts Science?
Fine, provided that math, science and/or engineering is a strong component of the proposal.

Q: Can I use WHSTEP funds to replenish my science kits?
No. Funds are intended to create opportunities not ordinarily funded by the schools.

Q: Can I apply for equipment or materials for my classroom?
Yes, provided that the materials are an integral part of an instructional plan that uses a new or innovative approach to teaching.

Q: Can WHSTEP funds be used for conference fees?
Yes. Conference fees and travel are listed as legitimate expenses.

Q: By "technology" do you mean computers?
No. The word "technology," as used in Woods Hole Science & Technology
Education Partnership
, is interpreted by the Partnership to mean engineering and design (i.e. application of the principles of math and science).

Q: When and how can I submit a mini-grant proposal?
Proposals can be submitted any time during the year! Proposals are reviewed three times a year, in November, March and May.

Q: How much funding can I expect to receive? How soon are funds available?
Up to $500 per proposal. Consideration is given to one-year renewals. Funds are available right away, following grant approval.

Q: What if I'm not sure if my idea is okay for a WHSTEP Mini-Grant?
By all means, contact us at