Email Account Application Form

Use this form to apply for a WHOI email account. IS will inform you that the account has been established by leaving you a voicemail message. Make sure that the WHOI Office phone number you enter below is one where you can be reached. If you do not have a WHOI Office phone number, leave that item empty and enter the phone number for a responsible person in your department in the Comment section.

Please note contractors are not eligible for a WHOI email account.

Contact Information
WHOI Office Phone:+1 508
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Account Setup
Note: This password is used to permit you to access protected sites at WHOI. Pick a good password and do not share it with anyone. New passwords must be at least fifteen (15) characters long. Lowercase and uppercase letters, digits and special characters are allowed, but are not required. You may not include your name as part of the password.
Re-type Password:
The WHOI email system permits aliases or nicknames to be associated with your email account. If you are commonly known by a particular name by which you'd like to receive mail, include that nickname as an 'Email Alias' (ex:
Email Alias:
If you want your WHOI email to be sent to another address too (ex:, complete Forwarding Address.
Forwarding Address:
If you have a forwarding address, would you still like a separate WHOI email account? If you do not have a forwarding address, answer 'yes' to obtain a WHOI email account.
WHOI Email Account:yes   no
WHOI uses LDAP ('Lightweight Directory Access Protocol' ) to store the information that you enter on this form. LDAP is widely used and we have conformed to the eduPerson schema in establishing the WHOI LDAP schema. Google 'LDAP eduPerson', if it piques your interest.