Cretaceous Climate and Ocean Dynamics

This web site is an outgrowth of the JOI-USSSP funded workshop held in July, 2002, in Florissant, Colorado. Its purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of information on meetings of interest to the Cretaceous paleoclimate community, publications and future drilling objectives. Click here for links to the Florissant workshop reports and abstracts.

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A somewhat dated list of IODP legs with Cretaceous objectives can be found in this report.

The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International office in Sapporo accepts IODP drilling proposals. Proposals should address the scientific themes described in the IODP Initial Science Plan. The next submission deadline is April 2008. Details on the IODP proposal process and on the current status of all IODP proposals are available at For information about USSSP support activities for IODP, including workshops, go to the USSSP site here.

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Upcoming Cretaceous Community Meetings:

Short Course: Chemostratigraphy: applications, limitations and implications for global environmental change
taught by Hugh Jenkyns, with accompanying field excursion
7-10 July, 2008
University of Trieste, Italy
See website for details.

Eighth International Symposium on the Cretaceous System
Plymouth, UK September 6-12, 2009
Visit the meeting website for details. Or, contact Malcolm Hart or Gregory Price.

Past Cretaceous Community Meetings:

Fall 2007 AGU Special Sessions of interest:
PP02: Carbonate Dissolution in Deep Sea Sediments: Proxies, Models and Applications Both in the Modern Ocean and in the Paleo-Record
PP03: Deep Time Perspectives on Climate Change: Integrating the Signal From Models and Biological Proxies
PP07: Regional Responses to Greenhouse Forcing: Insights From Climate Models and Paleoclimate Proxies
PP13: Organic Geochemical and Isotopic Approaches to the Study of Climatic and Environmental Change
PP14: Advances in Past Hydrologic System and Ocean Paleosalinity Reconstructions
PP15: Mg/Ca Paleo-Thermometry: Advances, Applications and Caveats
PP24: Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Marine Carbonate Skeletons: Physiological Versus Environmental Control

9th International Conference on Paleoceanography
Shanghai, China - September 3-7, 2007
The Future Ocean: Perspectives from the Past -- A Tribute to Professor Sir Nicholas Shackleton
(alternative web site)

Inaugural meeting, IGCP Project 555
Rapid Environmental/Climate Change in the Cretaceous Greenhouse World: Ocean-Land Interactions"
Daqing, China, August 28-30, 2007
Joint with ICDP workshop on Deep Terrestrial Scientific Drilling Project of the Cretaceous Songliao Basin
CIRCULAR For more information, contact Yongjian Huang at

Fall 2006 AGU Special Session on "Oceanic Anoxic Events"
A special session is planned on the 30th anniversary of the 1976 publication of "Cretaceous oceanic anoxic events: Causes and Consequences" by Schlanger and Jenkyns. (Geologie en Mijnbouw, v. 55, no. 3-4, p.179-184)
See the Fall AGU website for PP05: Oceanic Anoxic Events: Current Understanding, Future Challenges

Other Fall 2006 AGU Special Sessions of interest include:
PP08: Atmospheric CO2: Cause or Effect of Glaciations in Earth History?
PP09: Greenhouse/Ice House Climates: An Organic Proxies Perspective
PP10: Organic-Rich Marine Sediments, Past, Present, and Future: Notions of Stinking Oceans and Climate Feedbacks
OS12: Past, Present, and Future Role of the Ocean in Modulating Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
U06: The Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T) Boundary: 25 Years of Controversial Discussion

Workshop on Cretaceous Oceanic Red Beds: Paleoclimate, Paleoceanography and Ocean-Land Interaction
Beijing, China, September 3-4, 2006
For information, email Xiumian Hu at

2006 EGU Annual Meeting
Vienna, Austria, April 2-7, 2006
See Sessions CL37 and SSP10, Cretaceous and Paleogene Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology and Raiding the Palaeozoic/Mesozoic sedimentary archive: Investigating environmental change with multiple proxies.

Seventh International Symposium on the Cretaceous
Neuchatel, Switzerland, September 5-9, 2005

IGCP 494 Dysoxic to oxic change in oceanic sedimentation during the middle Cretaceous
IGCP 463 Upper Cretaceous Oceanic Red Beds: Response to Ocean/Climate Global Change
Neuchatel, Switzerland, September 1-2, 2005 (field trip Sept. 3-4)

Symposium - Global Events During the Quiet Aptian-Turonian Superchron: Geological, Geophysical and Biological Records
Grenoble, France, April 21-23, 2005

8th International Conference on Paleoceanography
Biarritz, France, September 5-10, 2004 - see Scientific Theme 1: Cenozoic-Mesozoic Oceans

32nd International Geological Congress
Florence, Italy, August 20-28, 2004 - see Topical Sessions T04: Mass Extinctions and Other Large Ecosystems Perturbations: Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Causes, T18: Biomineralization in the Cretaceous Oceans, T26: Recent Results from ODP Cruises, and T29: Cretaceous Oceanic Red Beds: Response to Paleoclimatic/Paleoceanographic Global Change and Regional Tectonics

IGCP 494 Dysoxic to oxic change in oceanic sedimentation during the middle Cretaceous
Bremen, Germany, November 17-18, 2003

Upper Cretaceous Oceanic Red Beds: Response to Ocean/Climate Global Change
Bartin, Turkey, August 18-23, 2003

Workshop on Mesozoic Paleoceanography - Geological Society of France
Paris, France, July 10-11, 2003 -- Abstract volume

Organic-carbon burial, climate change and ocean chemistry (Mesozoic-Paleogene)
Geological Society of London meeting, December 9-11, 2002, London

Upper Cretaceous Oceanic Red Beds: Response to Ocean/Climate Global Change
Ancona, Italy, September 20-21, 2002
View IGCP 463 Newsletter (pdf)

Workshop on Cretaceous Climate and Ocean Dynamics
Florissant, Colorado, July 11-14, 2002

Links to workshop web site, reports and abstracts

Other Web Sites and Publications:

ODP Leg 207 Demerara Rise: Equatorial Cretaceous and Paleogene Paleoceanographic Transect
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