R/V Atlantis - Voyage 7 Leg 4

What's Happening Today - Dec. 2

We're headed towards Manzanillo, Mexico and home. The labs are awash with data, maps, boxes, and cruise t-shirts being made by the students. We're thrilled with the data we've collected and the outcome of this cruise. We still hope to be able to come back next Spring and do the Alvin diving part of our research program - this is an essential part of what we have set out to investigate here at the East Pacific Rise.

In the meantime, we're all looking forward to getting home and back to our normal routines - not 4 on and 8 off watch!

Maurice and Dana have been making maps of the final ABE data for the 9° 28'N site. They're posted below along with some final photos of the cruise. Tomorrow's posting will be brief as we have to pack up computers.

Big News: Jenni Morgan gave her science talk this evening. She did a great job of reviewing data from a cruise last year to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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Dan Fornari


Bottom water temperature derived from the CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) sensor on ABE, plotted over ABE micro-bathymetry contours for the 9° 50'N area. The red areas show anomalously high bottom water temperatures caused by the numerous high temperature and diffuse flow hydrothermal vents in the axial trough in this area. Next map shows a detailed view of the axial trough CTD data.

CTD derived bottom water temperature from ABE dives in the 9° 50'N area, showing a blow-up of the axial trough and the principal hydrothermal vents labeled.

Track plot of Towed Camera THING surveys carried out during this cruise in the 9° 50'N study area.

Track plot of Towed Camera THING surveys carried out during this cruise in the 9° 28'-29'N study area.

ABE tracks for Dives #58 to #62 plotted over multibeam bathymetry for the southern survey site on the East Pacific Rise crest near 9° 28'N. Depths in meters.

Micro-bathymetry map derived from ABE Dives #58 to #62 for the 9° 28'-29'N area on the East Pacific Rise crest. There are several key volcanic and tectonic features (labeled) that are resolved by the ABE bathymetry and the DSL-120A sidescan sonar imagery in this area. Data were processed by Dana Yoerger and Maurice Tivey made the contour map. Contour interval is 1 meter, grid size is 5 meters.

DSL-120A sidescan sonar map of our southern survey area on the East Pacific Rise crest centered on 9° 28'N. Labels point to features shown on the ABE micro-bathymetry map above. White is strong acoustic return, gray to black areas are weaker returns or acoustic shadows, respectively. Trace of axial trough is shown in yellow.

Observed magnetic field derived from ABE surveys in the 9° 28'-29'N area on the East Pacific Rise crest over shaded ABE micro-bathymetry. Note the Central Axial Magnetic High (CAMH) anomaly edge is well-correlated with the prominent East Graben feature labeled in the micro-bathymetry map above. Note also the distinct difference between the character of the CAMH on either side of the axial trough.

Observed magnetic field derived from ABE surveys in the 9° 28'-29'N area on the East Pacific Rise crest with micro-bathymetry contours underneath .

Dana, Al and Al packing in the Hydro Lab

Patrick Hennesy, the Bosun.

Jenny Morgan, all smiles as we head to port.

John Cawley, Ordinary Seaman.

Ed 'Catfish' Popowitz, Able Seaman

Gerry Graham, Able Seaman, watching for the Cerveceria just over the horizon...

Al Bradley (left) and Dana Yoerger, all smiles at ABE's superb performance on this cruise.

Hans Schouten (left) and Maurice Tivey, exhausted but thrilled at the data we've collected.

Kate Buckman making cruise T-shirts in the Computer Lab today. Brooke Stembridge is working on a term paper for one of her classes at UCSB.

The T-shirt design for the cruise.

Brent Garry and Tomoko Kurokawa hard at work analyzing the digital photos of the seafloor that the THING collected during the cruise. Michelle Cooper (right) putting labels on the hundreds of CDs containing data from this cruise.

This is how Maurice and Hans started the cruise.... sitting at their computers. This is how they looked yesterday, still hard at work analyzing data and thinking about how to interpret the incredible data set we acquired on this cruise.

Maurice (left), Hans (center) and Dan with ABE. We're thrilled with the results from the cruise and very thankful for all the hard work by everyone on board that helped make this field program a great success.


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