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Research Funding Research Funding
Continued growth in sponsored research demonstrates the Institution’s ability to compete successfully for research grants and contracts.

Active Projects by Department
A project is a research or instrument development program funded by a government agency, a private individual, foundation, or other body that supports scientific work. The number of projects has increased gradually since 1999. Factors driving this trend include growth in the number of investigators and higher success rates in securing funds.
Active Projects

Financial Trends
1. Endowment comprises cash and securities to provide income for maintenance of the organization. Market value is as of December 31.
2. Total revenue is total funding of the Institution’s research and education programs, including a component of endowment income appropriated for operations during the financial year ending December 31. (see Financial Statement, Note 2).
3. Total expenses are costs incurred in support of research, education, and operations during the financial year ending December 31. (see Financial Statement, Note 2).
Financial Trends
Following continued global economic problems, our endowment returns declined in 2002, but were in line with our benchmarks. Our 2002 endowment total return of -11.4 percent outperformed the S&P 500 index of -22.1 percent. Revenues and expenses were in line, buoyed by $13.8 million in gifts, grants, and pledges from private sources.

Publications by Department
The number of publications produced by our investigators has increased gradually since 1999. The majority of publications are descriptions or discussions of scientific research published by refereed journals. Also included are monographs, contributions to conference proceedings, and encyclopedias, Ocean Drilling Program reports, books, and book chapters.
Publications by Department