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Degree Recipients

Doctor of Philosophy

Kyle M. Becker
Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering
Boston University; BS
Pennsylvania State University; MS
Dissertation: Geoacoustic Inversion in Laterally Varying Shallow-Water Environments Using High-Resolution Wavenumber Estimation

Mark D. Behn
Geology and Geophysics
Bates College; BS
Dissertation: The Evolution of Lithospheric Deformation and Crustal Structure from Continental Margins to Oceanic Spreading Centers

Jerry S. Fries
Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University; BS
Dissertation: Enhancement of Fine Particle Deposition to Permeable Sediments

Masami Fujiwara
University of Alaska; BA
University of Alaska; MS
Dissertation: Mark Capture Statistics and Demographic Analysis

Jared V. Goldstone
Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
Yale University; BS
Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MS
Dissertation: Direct and Indirect Photoreaction of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter: Roles of Reactive Oxygen Species and Iron

Rebecca E. Green
California Institute of Technology; ISP
Dissertation: Scale Closure in Upper Ocean Optical Poperties: From Single Particles to Ocean Color

Michael R. Hamersley
University of Victoria (Canada); BS
University of Calgary (Canada); ME
Dissertation: The Role of Denitrification in the Nitrogen Cycle of New England Salt Marshes

Markus Jochum
Physical Oceanography
Universitat Des Saarlandes (Germany) Vordiplom
Universitat Kiel (Germany); Diplom
Dissertation: On the Pathways of the Return Flow of the Meridional Overturning Circulation in the Tropical Atlantic;

Timothy C. Kenna
Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
Vassar College; BA
Dissertation: The Distribution and History of Nuclear Weapons Related Contamination in Sediments From the Ob River, Siberia as Determined by Isotopic Ratios of Plutonium, Neptunium, and Cesium

D. Benjamin Reeder
Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering
Clemson University; BS
Dissertation: Acoustic Scattering by Axisymmetric Finite-length Bodies with Application to Fish: Measurement and Modeling

Matthew K. Reuer
Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
Carleton College; BA
Dissertation: Centennial-sacal Elemental and Isotopic Variability in the Tropical and Subtropical North Atlantic Ocean

Master of Science

Juli K. Atherton
Physical Oceanography
McGill University (Canada); BS
Thesis: Linear and Nonlinear Rossby Waves in Basins both with and without a Thin Meridional Barrier

Marc A. Hesse
Geology and Geophysics
Technische Universitat Munchen (Germany); Vordiplom
University of Edinburgh (Scotland); BS
Thesis: Absarokites from the Western Mexican Volcanic Belt: Constraints on Mantle Wedge Conditions

Rajesh R. Nadakuditi

Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering
Lafayette College; BS
Thesis: A Channel Subspace Filtering Approach to Adaptive Equalization

Mitchihiro Ohiwa
Physical Oceanography
University of Tokyo (Japan); BS
Thesis: An Experimental Study on Mixing Induced by Gravity Currents on a Sloping Bottom in a Rotating Fluid

Theodore H. Schroeder
Applied Ocean Science & Engineering
University of Missouri; BS
Thesis: Horizontal Linear Array Sensor Localization and Preliminary Coherence Measurements from the 2001 ASIAEX South China Sea Experiment