John W.H. Dacey

Associate Scientist                                                                   Tel:  (508) 289-2327
Department of Biology                                                             FAX:  (508) 457-2169
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution                          
Woods Hole, Massachusetts  02543

B.Sc.,  University of King's College, 1973
Ph.D.,  Michigan State University, 1979

Postdoctoral Scholar, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1979-80
Guest Lecturer, Marine Ecology Course, M.B.L., 1980-83
Postdoctoral Scholar, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1980
Assistant Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1980-84
Associate Scientist with Tenure, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1988-present

American Chemical Society
American Geophysical Union

Murray F. Buell Award, Ecological Society of America, 1979

Functional Ecology (British Ecological Society)  1987-present
Vegetatio (Kluwers) 1990-1993

Education Committee, Ecological Society of America, 1980-82
International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Science Steering Committee, 1990-93

Graduate Admissions Committee, 1983-84
Coastal Research Center Advisory Committee, 1984-87
Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee, 1989-92, 94-95
Advisory Committee on Computing, 1994-present
Information Systems Council, 1997-present

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