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Meeting Minutes
February 10, 2001
March 10, 2001

Web Advisory Committee (WAC)
The Web Advisory Committee facilitates, advises, and assists in the development of a coordinated World Wide Web presence for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Membership is by appointment. The committee meets at least quarterly, more often if needed to address issues. Anyone may attend the meetings; those with issues they wish to bring before the committee should provide advanced notification in order to have the issues placed on the agenda. Employees may bring concerns to committee members in person, via the phone, or through electronic mail. Electronic mail may be addressed to the committee at WAC@whoi.edu.

Committee Members
Member Department Extension Email
Arthur Gaylord (Ch.) CIS 2990 agaylord@whoi.edu
Julie Allen CIS 2357 jallen@whoi.edu
Rick Chandler Marine Ops 2272 rchandler@whoi.edu
Vicky Cullen Comm 2719 vcullen@whoi.edu
Danielle Fino Comm 3624 dfino@whoi.edu
Chris Hammond CIS 2542 chammond@whoi.edu
Joseph Messina MIS 2380 jmessina@whoi.edu
Michael Neubert Bio 2962 mneubert@whoi.edu
Jim Price PO 2526 jprice@whoi.edu
Debbie Smith G&G 2472 dsmith@whoi.edu
Roger Stokey AOPE 3323 rstokey@whoi.edu