Human Resources

A-Z Listing

Alternative Work Arrangements

Alvin Operations Group (ALOPS) and Shipboard Scientific Services Group (SSSG) Policies

Annual Salary Review

Business Travel Accident Insurance

Computer Software Use

Definitions/Types of Employment

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

Dependent Care Subsidy Program

Disability Income

Drug Testing

Drug-free Workplace

Emergency Closing Including Inclement Weather

Employee Education

Employee Morale and Recognition Events

Employee and Student Assistance Program (ESAP)

Employment of Foreign Nationals

Employment of Members in the Same Family or Household

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Exempt Employee Pay

Extended Leave of Absence


Guidelines for Pets in the WHOI Workplace

Harassment (Policy Against)

Health Care

Hiring Process

Involuntary Termination

Marine Personnel Practices and Procedures

Non-smoking Policy

Overtime Pay for Graded Employees Working in Two Different Jobs

Paid Absences

Paid Holidays

Pay Days

Payment for Overtime

Payroll Laws and a Clarification of Hiring Practices

Performance Evaluations

Pre-tax Automatic Payment Plan


Progressive Disciplinary Action


Re-employment Rules for Employees Who Have Taken a Distribution from the Defined Benefit Retirement Plan

Relocation Assistance Policy

Respectful Workplace and Violence Prevention

Same Sex Spouse and Domestic Partner (Same- or Opposite-Sex) Benefits

Short-Term Disability

Six-Month Provisional Period

Substance Abuse

Survivor Benefits Program


Transfer Within the Institution

Unemployment Insurance

Worker's Compensation

Working Hours