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Retirement 101 April 22, 2015

Employee Informational Sessions - January 27, 2014
Presentation from the employee informational sessions on January 27, 2014 conducted by SageView Advisory Group.

Q4-2013 DC Plan Quarterly Newsletter - Jan 2014

Q3-2013 DC Plan Quarterly Newsletter - Nov 2013

Retirement 101 Workshop - September 18, 2013

Q2-2013 DC Plan Quarterly Newsletter - August 2013

New PIMCO Fund added September 3, 2013
Effective September 3, 2013, the new PIMCO All Asset All Authority fund will be added to the DC Plan's core fund lineup.  This fund will also be added to PortfolioXpress on January 1, 2014.  This attached notice was delivered to all DC Plan participants by Transamerica on August 2, 2013.

Q1-2013 DC Plan Quarterly Newsletter - May 2013

Retirement 101 Workshop - March 6, 2013

Q4-2012 DC Plan Quarterly Newsletter - January 2013

Domini Fund eliminated effective February 7, 2013
Effective February 7, 2013, the Domini Socially Responsible Fund is being eliminated as a core fund available from the 403(b) DC Plan.  Any assets in the Domini Fund will be mapped over to the Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Signal fund.  This change is being made due to the Domini fund underperforming as well as lack of utilization (only 6 participants in the fund).

2013 Calendar for One-on-One meetings with Transamerica (formerly Diversified)

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