Human Resources


Position: Boatswain
Date: 11/09
Position Code: 8501
EEO Code: 661

Job Summary

Reporting to the Chief Mate or Deck Watch Officer, supervises unlicensed deck personnel on deck and during over-the-side work. Supervises maintenance of ship's interior spaces and exterior structures under direction of the Chief Mate; and supervises deck operations during handling of scientific equipment.

Major Duties

Reporting to the Chief Mate, supervises unlicensed deck personnel in maintenance of all interior and exterior deck department spaces, including ship's hull, deck, bulkheads, and superstructure; delegates work equitably within department; tracks overtime of unlicensed deck personnel.

Is responsible for all hands using proper safety equipment. Instructs all deck hands in safe operation of anchor windlass, capstans, cranes, winches, and other deck machinery. Operates controls for launch and recovery of lifeboats and other safety gear during drills and emergencies, under direction of Chief Mate. Directs rigging of gangway.

Maintains inventory of paint and Bos'n locker supplies and all deck department stores; Submits orders for paint, tools, and any items required to aid science or complete projects to the Chief Mate; maintains accurate records of inventory, and deck work logs.

Examines and rigs scientific gear with Chief Mate and Chief Scientist to ensure safe operation, and directs deck operations during scientific work with Chief Scientist.

Coordinates loading of all ship's stores with the applicable department head. Supervises loading of scientific equipment in coordination with Master and Chief Scientist, DSV Alvin weights and equipment on R/V Atlantis with the Expedition Leader; supervises deck personnel in properly securing the vessel for sea.

Performs other duties as required.

Desired Education/Experience for Hiring

Prefer a high school diploma or equivalent education and one year sea duty as a Boatswain or four years as an Able Seaman Unlimited or equivalent; in the absence of a diploma, equivalent work experience. Prefer Boatswain experience on a similar research vessel.

Require a U.S. Coast Merchant Mariner's credentials endorsed as Able Seaman Unlimited, or Able Seaman Limited or Special pending demonstration of experience and proficiency to satisfaction of ship's Master. All unlicensed personnel must have all applicable training as required by the Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW 95).

Candidates must be knowledgeable about deck equipment and proficient in its use and have good personnel management and communication skills. Candidate must demonstrate ability to instruct crew in proper and safe use of equipment to attain the marine science goals, and proficiency as a rigger.

Last updated: September 20, 2010