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Position: Master
Date: 2/2013
Position Code: 8020
EEO Code: 603

Job Summary

Reporting to the -Director of Ship Operations, is in command of the vessel and responsible for the lives and safety of all crew and persons onboard, and exercises all efforts to protect them; maintains the vessel's seaworthiness, efficient operation and navigation, and safety in compliance with the laws of navigation and body of statutes that regulate ships, seagoing matters, and Institution policy; and facilitates the accomplishment of the scientific goals. As a senior manager, represents the Institution's best interests.


Major Duties

Has overall command of vessel and is responsible for navigation, safety, operations, and accomplishing the science mission of each voyage. Through a complete understanding of the vessel and equipment operational limits, ensuring that scientific mission can be achieved safely given weather constraints and other factors.

Responsible for the oversight of outfitting and maintenance and participates in maintenance planning and scheduling.  Supervises all emergency drills.

Responsible for all ship's business, both foreign and domestic; generates and maintains all necessary documents, including those to ensure vessel's good standing with all governments and private agencies overseeing vessel. Also responsible for ship's records and accounts, and expediting clearance of crew and scientific personnel, related gear, and ship's equipment with agents, customs, and any other agencies.

Responsible for morale and discipline of marine crew.  Communicates with the Port Office staff with respect to personnel matters as necessary. Represents Institution policy in personnel matters.

Communicates effectively with everyone onboard, especially the Chief Scientist. Advises Chief Scientist, revises shipboard tasks as necessary, and ensures completion of tasks to obtain whatever data scientific personnel are pursuing.

Performs duties ashore and other duties as required.

Desired Education/Experience for Hiring

Bachelor's degree from an accredited sea service academy with five years sea duty as a deck officer, and one year as a Master or two years as a Chief Mate; in the absence of a formal degree, equivalent work experience. Candidates must possess computer literacy in the use of word processing, inventory and database management, ship's stability, and electronic mail programs.  Prefer Master experience on a similar research vessel.

Candidates must have a high level of training as evidenced by a U.S. Coast Guard license. Minimum licensing for R/V Knorr and R/V Atlantis is Master Unlimited, Oceans.

Candidates must have good personnel management skills to effectively command the vessel, a good understanding of the marine science goals, and be able to respond calmly and quickly in emergency situations.

Required for all WHOI Ships are a valid Radar Observer Certificate, Unlimited, and an FCC license as GMDSS Operator.  In addition to the above, all licensed officers must have all applicable training as required by the Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW 95) and possess a valid U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariners Credential and Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) and hold an unexpired Passport.

Last updated: September 5, 2017