Human Resources

Family Illness

If you are out of work due to the birth, adoption, or illness/injury of an immediate family member, you are eligible for up to 5 days paid per year (based on 'pay period' year).  A "family member" is generally defined by the Family & Medical Leave Act as a spouse, son or daughter, and parent.  At WHOI, the definition of family member is further expanded to include eligible domestic partners. As of July 1, 2015, with implementation of the MA Earned Sick Leave, Family Illness  includes care for parent of a spouse.

The maximum number of hours per day which can be charged to Family Illness is 8 hours for full-time employees (not to exceed 40 hours per year), 6 hours for 3/4-time employees (not to exceed 30 hours per year), and 4 hours per day for 1/2-time employees (not to exceed 20 hours per year).  If paid time under Family Illness exceeds the annual limits, the employee's pay will be adjusted and the overage will automatically be charged to the employee's vacation accrual.

Last updated: March 12, 2018