Human Resources

Pay Days

Policy Information
  • Issue Date: November 12, 2002
  • Primary Contact: Director of Human Resources
  • Responsible Member of Directorate: President and Director
  • Responsible Office: Human Resources
Policy Information

I. All employees are paid bi-weekly on alternate Fridays. Checks or check stubs are delivered on the morning of pay day to each department. Undelivered checks or check stubs are to be returned to the Payroll Office that day, and kept there until claimed.

II. Employees are encouraged to have their pay checks deposited directly into a bank account. Up to four accounts may be used, and deposited into any bank(s) in the United States. Forms for this procedure may be obtained online on the Controller's website, under "Payroll," or from the Payroll Office. You may also use "Employee Online" through the Human Resources website. Paychecks may also be mailed to a home address. The Institution does not allow paychecks for marine crew members to be delivered to the ships. 

Should you require assistance in the interpretation  of this procedure, please contact your Human Resources Representative.

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