Human Resources

Temporary Assignments Elsewhere

Temporary Assignment

Leaves of absence may be granted to scientific and technical staff members to accept temporary assignments elsewhere that are of a nature as to be in the Institution's best interest, and provided that the employee plans to return on a full-time basis after completion of the assignment.

Outside Professional Activities

A leave of absence or reduction in time status to no less than half-time may also be granted to members of the Scientific, Technical and Exempt Administrative staff when participation in an outside activity potentially compromises that employee's primary obligation to the Institution. That participation must be judged by the Institution to be in the best interests of the employee's professional development and in concert with the Institution's best interest. 

For Scientific/Technical Staff, a research plan, with anticipated funding support indicating how he/she expects to resume full-time Institution employment at the end of the leave/status change, must be submitted to the Department Chair and Director for Research for their review as part of their consideration of the request for leave/status change. 

It is expected that these assignments will be of relatively short duration, of a temporary nature. Leaves and status changes may be granted for a period of up to one year and may be authorized in exceptional cases for one additional year. No commitment for continued employment of re-employment at the Institution is implied by this action except in cases of tenured Scientific Staff. 

Final review and action will be taken by the Director or the Director's delegate.

Last updated: February 10, 2010