Human Resources


Policy Information
  • Issue Date: March 1, 1982
  • Primary Contact: Director of Human Resources
  • Responsible Member of Directorate: President and Director
  • Responsible Office: Human Resources
Policy Information

I. General 
A. To provide an orderly and equitable promotion system within the Institution, the following procedure is established. Promotion to Scientific and Technical Staff, and Senior Departmental Assistant is covered in the Appointment and Promotions Handbook "The Blue Book" (pdf).

B. To be eligible for promotion to a higher level position, whether through posting, or within a group, the employee must:

1.Have served satisfactorily in the present grade for at least 6 months.

2.Be qualified to perform the duties at the advanced level.

3.Meet the minimum education and experience requirements as set forth in the current position description for the advanced level. This criteria is stated in either the "Desired Requirements for Promotion into Position" or "Desired Education/ Experience for Hiring" section of the position description. One of these requirements must be met.

4.Be recommended in writing by the immediate supervisor.

II. Promotion Through Job Posting

    If the employee concerned meets the above criteria, the promotion procedure is the same as that specified in Transfer Within the Institution

III. Promotion Within a Group

A. If an employee is being recommended for promotion within the assigned Department/Group and the eligibility requirements have been met, a need for this advanced level must be justified in writing. 

B. A Position Requisition (pdf) and an Authorization for Personnel Action form (pdf),along with the written justification, will be forwarded to Human Resources for review of the individual's personnel file to insure all criteria are met. Human Resources will then complete a Promotion Checklist (pdf) and attach the checklist, requisition, and authorization form to the employee's personnel file and forward the package for the appropriate approval signatures. 

C. If the individual nominated for promotion is rejected for any reason, the supervisor has the option of posting the position through Human Resources to obtain another candidate for consideration. 

IV. Promotion Approval Levels
A. Scientific and Technical Staff, and Senior Departmental Assistants: see the Appointment and Promotions Handbook "The Blue Book" (pdf).

B. Exempt administrative staff and non-exempt graded staff higher than Grade 8 requires approval from the appropriate Associate Director. 

C. Non-exempt graded staff between grades 1 - 8 requires final approval from the Human Resources Manager. 

Should you require assistance in the interpretation  of this procedure, please contact your Human Resources Representative.

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