Human Resources

Getting Married

Marriage is a qualified change in status which allows you to make changes to, and enroll in, benefits mid year. You may add your spouse and/or dependents to your benefits or may cancel your existing coverage to enroll in your spouse’s benefit plans. Changes must be made within 31 days of the date of the marriage along with a copy of your marriage certificate.

Medical, Dental and other Benefits

 To add your new spouse and/or dependent or cancel your coverage, you may enroll/cancel in one of the following ways:

  Contact the Human Resources Office at x2253 with any questions you may have about this process. 

Domestic Partnership

All regular benefits-eligible employees are eligible for domestic partner health insurance (see Affidavit of Domestic Partnership for Benefits Eligibility Form (pdf)). It is available to both same and opposite-sex partners as well as children of the employee and partner as long as the required criteria outlined on the affidavit is satisfied. Domestic partner enrollments must occur during the annual open enrollment period.


It is important to keep a record of your beneficiary designations and to update them whenever your circumstances change. Keep a copy of all beneficiary designations and review them periodically. You may change your beneficiary designations at any time.

Last updated: November 19, 2012