Human Resources


If you become disabled due to illness or injury, notify your Department Administrator or Supervisor and Human Resources that you will be absent and how long you expect to be away from work.  If the illness or injury is work-related, you may also be eligible for Workers Compensation (WC) or Protection and Indemnity Insurance (P&I).  In addition, you may be eligible for Family Medical Leave (FMLA), Short Term Disability (STD), and Long Term Disability (LTD) which all run concurrent with WC, P&I, FMLA and any other leave of absence program.

If you become disabled due to work-related injury, you MUST immediately notify Environmental Health & Safety Department or the Port Office. The injured person or supervisor needs to complete the accident/incident report form for any work-related injuries or accidents.

For employees covered by Workers Compensation contact Environmental Health and Safety at (508) 289-3347 or complete the online Accident/Injury Report Form.

For employees covered by Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Insurance please contact your supervisor.

For disabilities that are a result of a non work-related illness or injury, the STD policy is designed to provide you with income and benefit continuation if you are unable to work for more than seven calendar days. The plan provides benefits of 100% or 60% of your pre-disability salary up to the limits and duration provided in the policy (based on the employee's status and length of service with WHOI). Absences greater than seven calendar days must be reported to the Institution's third party administrator CIGNA to ensure no interruption of wages occur.

Last updated: December 29, 2016