Human Resources

Beginning or Ending a Leave of Absence

Beginning or returning from an approved Leave of Absence (LOA) is a Qualified Life Event.

Based on your Qualified Life Event, you may make changes to your existing benefit plans. Your share of the premium costs may be increased depending on the change.  Any change in premium costs will be effective on the first administratively possible pay period following receipt of the Benefits Enrollment & Change form. 

To make changes to your benefits, complete the Benefits Enrollment & Change form and return it to the WHOI Benefits Team:

Please remember to password protect any documents sent via email.  The password should be sent to in a separate email.

If you will not receive pay during your LOA, you may be direct billed by our third-party vendor for your portion of the premiums.  Failure to pay your portion of your premiums while on LOA will result in termination of your benefits due to non-payment.

» View Extended Leave of Absence Policy

Beneficiary Designation

It is important to keep a record of your beneficiary designations and to update them whenever your circumstances change. Keep a copy of all beneficiary designations and review them periodically. You may change your beneficiary designations at any time.  For more information on how to update your beneficiary information, please click here.

Last updated: December 30, 2016