Human Resources

Qualified Life Events

You are responsible for reporting any Qualified Life Event to WHOI's Benefits team within 31 days of the event. Qualified Life Events include changes in family or employment status, such as:

» Becoming a Parent
» Designating Beneficiaries
» Getting Married
» Getting Divorced
» Retiring
» Beginning or Ending a Leave of Absence
» Death of an Employee, Retiree or Dependent
» Disability

Once you experience a Qualified Life Event, you can make a make a mid-year change to certain benefits without waiting for the next Open Enrollment period (typically held late October to mid-November each calendar year).

Enrollment changes can only be made within 31 days of the date of the Qualified Life Event and must be consistent with the change in status. After the 31 day time frame, you are only able to change your elections during Open Enrollment for coverage effective the following January 1st. 

In most cases, the effective date of the change is the date of the Qualified Life Event, the date of birth, marriage or the loss of coverage on a spouse’s health plan. 

In addition to the Benefits Enrollment & Change form, individuals will be required to submit the appropriate supporting documentation with the Benefits Enrollment & Change form.  The WHOI Benefits team is unable to process any Qualified Life Event without the proper documentation begin submitted with the Benefits Enrollment & Change form.

Any change in premium costs will be effective on the first administratively possible pay period following receipt of the Benefits Enrollment & Change form.  Retro adjustments, including refunds, are not permissible. 

Please contact right away if you experience a Qualified Life Event.  

Last updated: November 16, 2017