Human Resources

Stockroom, Supplies & Equipment

The Stockroom operation exists to serve the scientific and marine needs of the WHOI community.

  • Located 1st floor Smith Bldg. (room 114) in the Village.
  • Phone: (508) 289-2282     Fax: (508) 457-2109
  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8AM to 4 PM (except Tuesday, closing @ 3:15PM )
  • Email
  • Shop in person, online , or fax orders. You will need your employee number (on your ID), a charge number (not your phone code), and signature.
  • Inventory available online
  • Office Supplies: Non-emergency, next-day, desktop delivery through WB Mason. More information can be found on the Procurement website.
  • Personal purchases are allowed (include a 20% markup). Make personal purchases of WHOI clothing and gift items through Ocean Science Exhibit Center and Gift Shop.
» Visit the Stockroom website for more information

Last updated: February 9, 2010