Human Resources

Staff Training & Development

We invite you to participate in the classes and courses offered that provide training for individuals affiliated with WHOI. Offerings are initially open only to WHOI employees, postdocs and students. Generally, classes are offered at no charge to WHOI personnel. However, since the funding for these opportunities is intended to fairly benefit all of WHOI, a portion of the cost of some classes may be passed along to the participants.

Main areas of training include:

Computer and Technology Courses
On-site computer software training and the administration of the Group Training Facility in Clark 141 are the responsibility of CIS. Examples of past course offerings include the Microsoft Office series of products, AutoCad, Adobe products, etc.

WHOI Short Courses
On-site short non-credit, non-computer courses, typically led by WHOI or other Woods Hole scientific community instructors, are being coordinated by the Education Office. An example of this type of course from the recent past is the "Introduction to Oceanography". These courses are generally 6 to 8 or even 10 sessions in length, once a week, over a semester or other time frame.

Safety Courses
Safety-related training, both on-site (such as recently completed Hazardous Material handling and fork lift operation training) and off-site (such as the week-long shipboard medical care course provided to designated marine crew members), is being coordinated by the Safety Office.

Staff Development Courses
Approval for reimbursement of tuition costs for qualifying off-site short, non-credit courses is handled through Human Resources (HR). Such requests will be considered when the need was unforeseen and funds are not available from projects or departments’ budget. To be considered for reimbursement, the employee is to provide HR with written documentation detailing the content and cost of the course and the reason for desiring to take the course. The department is to provide a statement of supervisory support, as well as an acknowledgement that the need was unforeseen and that funds are not available from projects and/or the department. Human Resources is also administering on-site management/supervisory classes, most recently presented by the American Management Association.

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Last updated: November 5, 2007