Human Resources

Posting of an Available Position

Once the Position Requisition Form has been approved, the posting will be listed on the WHOI Human Resources Career Center website. 

  • The EEO Officer is advised of the opening for affirmative action purposes. All postings need to be approved by the EEO Officer prior to posting.
  • Depending on the level of the position, the Executive Vice President/Director of Research or appropriate Vice President will approve all postings.
  • If deemed appropriate, and requested by the supervisor through the Department Chair, Department Administrator or Administrative Manager, the opening may be advertised in newspapers or journals. Ad copy will be prepared by Human Resources, subject to review by the hiring supervisor. All media advertising will be handled and paid for by Human Resources.

Minimum Waiting Period

A minimum waiting period of two weeks from the date of posting will be observed before a candidate can be selected. No position can have an official starting date that predates the end of the minimum waiting period. This waiting period will also allow current employees to apply for the open positions.

Exceptions for Posting and Career Center Advertising

  • When a new position within the same department and for the same supervisor is created in recognition of an employee's particular skills and abilities, that new position need not be posted.
  • When a new position is created solely to accommodate the transfer of an employee whose funding source has been depleted, the new position need not be posted.
  • Occasionally graduates of the education program have been hired for short periods of time as Postdoctoral Investigators immediately following the completion of their graduate program and prior to taking a new position elsewhere. This is usually done to allow a new graduate to complete work begun while a graduate student and is unique to that individual. These are considered temporary appointments, normally not to exceed three months, and need not be posted.
  • Guest Investigators do not need to be posted since they are non-employment, collaborative appointments and have their own separate qualifications and approval process (Blue Book_Guest Investigator).
  • A former employee who has been laid off within the past year may be rehired without posting an opening, provided the individual is returning to the same position held prior to the layoff.
  • Visiting Investigator appointments, Scientist/Oceanographer Emeritus, and Adjunct Scientist/Oceanographer appointments do not need to be posted and have their own separate qualification and approval process (Blue Book_Visiting Investigator).
  • Special cases may arise for which the posting and advertising process would be inappropriate. Consult the Employment Services Specialist.

Last updated: January 10, 2017